Amazon reduces costs and increases efficiency – preventing malicious hijacking and automatically inviting reviews to improve review retention rate

Amazon improves cost efficiency, prevents hijacking, and boosts review retention rate by automatically soliciting reviews

1. Monitoring Malicious Following Sales

During the operation process, even normal operations can encounter many unpleasant things, and malicious following sales are one of them. Amazon stipulates that the listing does not belong to the seller but belongs to the Amazon platform. Therefore, if other sellers have the source of this product, they can also sell this product on the same page.

Take this link as an example, there are 12 sellers simultaneously following this product, providing their own prices for the product.

Image source: Amazon

Image source: Amazon

Just imagine, the links that we have worked so hard to create are taken away by others who maliciously follow our sales, stealing our traffic. If our shopping cart is snatched away, then the more we advertise, the more we are just helping others make money.

Moreover, many sellers who follow our sales are professionals who use statistical software to automatically set the link for following sales and adjust the price to snatch our shopping carts. Previously, when encountering a following sale, I had to get up in the middle of the night and adjust the price to snatch the shopping cart, in order to prevent others from taking away our orders.

But now, even if we want to lower the price to snatch the shopping cart, the software will automatically lower the price by one dollar lower than us. And some following sales only last for one or two hours, when we are fast asleep and unable to defend ourselves.

Previously, whether or not there was a following sale was judged based on the change in the shopping cart win rate. Generally, if the shopping cart win rate is less than 80%, we need to check whether the link has been followed:

Image source: Amazon

After discovering the decrease in the shopping cart win rate, I used to set an alarm clock at midnight and get up every one or two hours to check if there was a following sale. Now, I use ERP tools to help me monitor following sales, which is more convenient.

Image source: Youmaiyun

Currently, I use Youmaiyun ERP to monitor follow-up sales. Unlike other ERPs, it monitors by store rather than ASIN, and the cost is lower. It can monitor the follow-up sales of all products in the store in real time and record all follow-up sales information.

Add the store’s product information that needs to be monitored:

Image source: Youmaiyun

If there is a follow-up sales situation, Youmaiyun will notify me through a mini-program,

Image source: Youmaiyun

And I can see the specific follow-up seller’s follow-up time and bid, and whether they have grabbed the shopping cart:

Image source: Youmaiyun

After discovering that I am being followed up on, I will share with you how to drive away the follow-up sales:

  1. Find the contact information of the follow-up seller and negotiate

Nowadays, stores will directly display their company information, so you can find the legal person contact information and remove the follow-up sales by looking up the company information. Some follow-up sales can still be removed through this method, which is also quite practical.

Image source: Amazon

Image source: Qichacha

2. Drive away follow-up sales with the Transparency Program

The Transparency Program

As far as follow-up sales are concerned, it is necessary to submit the product’s ASIN and other information in the background directory section, and most products can be directly followed up after submitting the application. ASINs that have joined the Transparency Program can also be followed up, but only by stores that we allow to follow up. In addition to submitting ASIN information, at least 20 Transparency Program codes need to be submitted when following up. In this way, unless it is allowed by ourselves, it will not be followed up again by others.

Principle of anti-follow-up: For products of sellers who have registered for the Transparency Program, Amazon will provide a unique QR code. Sellers will paste the code on the product packaging. When the product is put into the warehouse, Amazon will recognize the code and confirm that it is genuine before it can enter the warehouse. FBA followers cannot get the code, and the goods cannot enter Amazon’s warehouse for sale. When self-shipping follow-up sales occur, they will also be required to provide code certification.

The purpose is to provide proactive anti-counterfeiting protection to brands, allowing consumers to verify the authenticity of products and provide transparent product information to consumers.

Image source: Baidu Images

2. Automatic Review Invitations to Increase Review Retention Rate

With the arrival of the peak season, besides preventing others from hijacking our links and reducing order loss, there is also an important technique to increase weight: “automatic review invitations” to increase review retention rate.

Entering the order, clicking the buyer’s name can send an internal email, and Amazon also provides us with a button to invite reviews:

Image source: Amazon

Image source: Amazon

Whether it is sending seller-edited internal messages or clicking the request review button, we need to click into each order for operation, and will also receive prompts that some orders do not meet the evaluation requirements:

Image source: Amazon

If there are only a few orders, it is okay. If the order volume is large, indexing this work alone will occupy most of the customer service time. Therefore, we can also directly perform one-click indexing through tools, without us clicking into each order, and the tool helps us directly with indexing invitations.

Image source: Youmai Cloud

You can set specific store and listing orders, and invite reviews for products within a certain time period.

Image source: Youmai Cloud

In addition, you can also add filtering conditions to exclude some customers who have left negative reviews before and certain specific orders:

Image source: Youmai Cloud

This function is an official means of indexing support, developed based on Amazon’s “request review” function, which avoids sellers being punished by the platform due to violations, so there is no need to worry about problems. And the operation is simple. After simple configuration, it can be used easily. If you are interested, you can try it out.

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