Investing 200 million euros! Amazon’s new robot delivery center in Spain is put into use!

Amazon invests 200 million euros in new robot delivery center in Spain

AMZ123 learned that according to foreign media reports, Amazon’s new robot distribution center in Girona, Spain has recently begun operation. This is the company’s second “first mile” facility in Catalonia. Currently, there are more than 900 employees working in this facility, and Amazon’s goal is to increase the total number of employees to 1,500 within three years.

The distribution facility is three stories high, with each floor covering an area of ​​approximately 50,000 square meters (equivalent to the area of ​​22 football fields), equipped with 2,300 meters of conveyor belts and 3,000 robots, and can store up to 25 million products. Amazon invested more than 200 million euros in the facility.

The report stated that Amazon worked with real estate company BCN4 to establish this robot distribution center, which is the first “first mile” facility the e-commerce giant will open in Spain by 2023. Overall, Amazon currently has 7,300 employees in Catalonia and 22,000 employees in Spain.

Jordi Bellana, general manager of Amazon Spain, said that the employees in this new center are composed of people from 39 countries, of which more than 35% are women, and the average age is about 33 years old. Workers are divided into three shifts, so the facility operates 24 hours a day.

Amazon opened the Girona robot distribution center after closing its logistics center in Barcelona. The report stated that the real purpose of Amazon’s closure of the Barcelona logistics center was to lay off employees, rather than to redistribute facilities. This is because Amazon’s profits have been eroded as the online craze subsides.

Jordi Bellana said that robots are an important part of Amazon’s logistics center. Robots are responsible for commanding in the product return area, pallet area, or other areas of the distribution center. In addition, Amazon will also combine robots with artificial intelligence to inform employees of potential dangers in their area.

Fred Pattje, General Manager of Customer Delivery for Amazon France, Italy, and Spain, said: “The opening of this new center in Girona and the investment made in it demonstrate that Catalonia is a key market for Amazon. This is our first distribution center in the province of Girona, and its strategic location will allow us to serve and satisfy customers in Spain and throughout Europe.”

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