Many sellers are suddenly being audited and Amazon is currently verifying old accounts

Amazon is auditing sellers and verifying old accounts

One: A large number of accounts receive verification emails

After a three-day break for the May Day holiday, you come back to work and receive a big surprise from Amazon.

The email subject: Action required: Re-verify your Amazon seller account

Following the instructions in the email, you found the button to submit the required information in the background. Before rushing to submit the information, study the email content carefully.

Later, after reading forum posts, public accounts, and other content, it was discovered that Amazon is verifying account information, and all of the accounts being verified are old accounts. I have an old account that I registered with personal information in 2014 and only started using it in 2018.

However, for sellers who registered as individuals or bought accounts, it is more difficult. I think as long as it’s not a bought account and the seller account is registered with real personal information, Amazon will also give 60 days for verification. There is also enough time to register a new company for verification.

Fortunately, I had already changed the account information to company information at that time and had submitted it for verification.

Two: Information preparation and precautions

After carefully reading the background information, it is required to provide the information within 60 days. Amazon also states that if the seller fails to complete the verification, it may result in abnormal payment receipt or account suspension.

The information you need to provide:

1: Government-issued ID with photo

2: Bank account or credit card statement

3: Business license (if applicable).

For normal company registration-type sellers, this is a simple information verification process and there is no need to panic.

The specific submission steps are as follows:

In the morning when the email was received, I began to prepare the required information, such as ID card front and back, credit card statement, and business license.

Regarding the ID card and business license, these are relatively simple and can be photographed with a high-definition mobile phone, but be sure to pay attention to details. Remember to ensure the clarity, completeness, and validity of the documents;

The clarity is easy to understand, and the documents taken can be seen clearly with the naked eye. Completeness is very important. You must take pictures of all four sides of the document, instead of just taking the information within the business license frame, to reflect its completeness.

Regarding the issue of document completeness, I have encountered it once before when one side of my ID card was not fully displayed, and Amazon sent an email requesting a clear document to be submitted again.

Preparing the above two pieces of information is relatively simple, but the most important thing – the “credit card statement” has arrived.

First of all, let’s think carefully: why does Amazon frequently require sellers to provide various bills such as internet, credit card, bank, electricity, and broadband?

Their purpose is to prove the “authenticity of the seller’s address”, mainly focusing on the authenticity of the address.

Therefore, the address must be reflected on the credit card account statement. It is recommended that the address on the credit card account statement be consistent with the business address, that is, the address displayed on the seller information page is actually the business license address.

It is very convenient to apply for a credit card account statement. You can apply directly on the mobile app and receive an electronic bill with an address soon.

After all the materials are ready, submit them for review around 2 pm in the afternoon. After about 2 hours, I received an email confirming that the verification had passed, and the verification window in the background disappeared.

All materials must be named in English, which is also a detail that needs special attention, such as ID card front and back sides, business license, and credit card statement.

Therefore, as long as the materials are well-prepared and the account information is authentic, it is basically possible to pass the review quickly according to the requirements.

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