Speechless! Amazon is verifying addresses and phone numbers in large quantities! Video verification is also here

Amazon is verifying addresses and phone numbers in large quantities and has introduced video verification

In recent days, Amazon sellers have just completed a large-scale account verification and bank information audit. One after another, sellers have received emails requiring address and phone number verification. Some sellers have even received emails requiring video verification appointments.

Address verification is a familiar formula, also known as the “postcard” verification. Many veteran sellers have experienced address verification more than once between 2020 and 2022. Amazon will send a postcard via SF Express to the company address registered in the background. After receiving the postcard, sellers need to fill in the code on the postcard according to the link in the email.

According to feedback from sellers in the Cross-Border House Seller Group, most of the postcard verification emails require the input of the postcard code before July 22nd or 23rd, giving sellers about four weeks to prepare.

The biggest problem with postcard verification is actually when the business license address and the current actual office address do not match.

In the past, some sellers have received postcards using a non-business license address and still managed to pass the verification. However, this year’s situation is very strict. If the two addresses do not match, it is difficult to say whether the verification can be passed. If the account is suspended due to mishandling, the losses will be even greater.

We have some small experiences that can be used for postcard verification.

In addition to the address, the phone number needs to be re-verified. Originally, this verification process is very simple, just to receive a verification code. However, many sellers have reported various problems, such as bugs on the verification page that continuously display “error”, or not receiving the SMS verification code even after switching to phone calls.

In seller groups, experienced sellers share that for the “PIN verification method,” select “SMS” and add “+86” before the number, and select “English” for “SMS verification language” so that you can receive the verification code. If there is a bug on the page, you can choose to verify your phone when there are fewer people online at night. Many people have reported that they cannot receive the SMS when they select “Chinese” for the “SMS verification language.” Therefore, it is worth trying this method.

In addition to postcards and SMS, some sellers mentioned that they received requests for video verification. However, at present, few sellers have reported such verification requests, so it may not be a common situation.

It is worth noting that based on the posts published by overseas sellers on social media, many sellers responded to the “address” re-verification prompt. It seems to be another globally widespread authentication. It’s like the emperor testing his officials, and the officials have no choice but to be tested!

Based on the previous verification process, most sellers easily passed after submitting the required documents. However, some sellers still see their accounts at risk even after completing the verification. Sellers must not be careless about matters related to their accounts.

Prime Day is coming soon, and at this time, sellers should have spent a lot of time and energy on product development and peak season preparation. However, the platform has verified various account information multiple times in just one month, which is really frustrating! In the current environment, “small accounts” without authorization and real information have less and less room to survive. Restrictions on third-party sellers (SC accounts) are increasing, and “Amazon’s own” VC accounts will further benefit. Strong sellers can consider laying out VC accounts.

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