Breaking News! Amazon has launched an address verification wave, and many sellers have received emails!

Amazon launches address verification wave, sellers receive emails

The peak season is approaching, and there are many changes happening.

Following the previous mass seller account identity verification, Amazon has recently launched another wave of address verification. Many sellers have received postcard verification emails.

BusinessDialogue learned that on the afternoon of May 24th, many sellers reported receiving Amazon postcard verification emails for addresses. In the email, Amazon stated that it will send a postcard containing a verification code to the company address displayed on the seller’s information page. The seller must enter the code on the platform before July 23, 2023. Otherwise, future payments will be held in the seller’s account until the address is verified. ▲ Image source from seller’s report. According to BusinessDialogue’s observations, sellers who received this email were required to enter the verification code by the end of July. It is also worth noting that in addition to sellers who need direct postcard verification, Amazon also requires some sellers to undergo SMS and phone verification before that date. However, many sellers have not received the so-called verification SMS and phone messages. Many sellers believe that this is mainly due to Amazon sending too much information at once, causing system bugs. However, as of now, Amazon has not responded to this mass postcard verification email. Based on the current situation, it is impossible to determine whether this wave of address verification has a specific target range. Many sellers are optimistic about this and believe that the address verification has a higher pass rate than other audits. As long as they fill in the real address that can receive the postcard verification, most of them can pass smoothly. However, some sellers, especially those who have just experienced identity verification, are worried that any mistakes in the address or other authentication steps will trigger a second review. Some sellers even linked this verification to the recent Consumer Act released in the United States. BusinessDialogue learned that in fact, as early as May 2021, Amazon had sent a mass address verification email. Whether it was then or recently, many sellers have modified their addresses for verification but did not trigger a second review, so most sellers do not need to worry too much about this.

▲ The picture is from the BusinessDialogue seller communication group. Detailed Address Verification Process

Overall, the difficulty level of passing the address verification is not high, but the sellers who receive the email should also have an understanding of the verification process and ensure its accuracy to avoid future problems. BusinessDialogue has compiled a detailed address verification process for postcards for sellers to refer to:

  1. Login to the seller platform;
  2. Go to the “Settings” menu, select “Account Information” to view the “Seller Account Information” page;
  3. In the “Corporate Information” section, select the company address page. If the address is incorrect, update it and click “Confirm Address” after the address information is correct.

▲ The picture is from a seller’s exposure

4. After filling in the information, save it. The estimated delivery time for the express mail will appear (Amazon’s email generally mentions 5-7 working days). You need to keep an eye on the express delivery status in real-time and be prepared to sign for it in advance. 5. After receiving the postcard, fill in the verification code in a timely manner. If the verification code is correct, the verification process is complete. Note: If the company address is inaccurate or unable to receive postcards, a new address needs to be added. Enter the new address filling page, accurately fill in the name, address, postal code, phone number and other information in Chinese. In the address column, fill in the legal person’s name or the business license address or the company’s office address. Fill in the phone number with the registered reserved mobile phone number, which should be consistent with the back-end information. BusinessDialogue has observed that whether it is this address verification trend or various account verification storms in the past, they often occur on the eve of peak season, which undoubtedly sounds the alarm for Amazon’s increased account cleaning efforts. Here, we remind sellers to take early measures to protect their account security and avoid being affected.

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