European compliance is no longer difficult, Amazon launches a heavyweight one-stop European compliance service

Amazon launches one-stop European compliance service

As an online seller, expanding your business to Europe can open up a new world of opportunities. The UK and Germany are the preferred sites for most new sellers to settle into as they are the two largest sites in Europe. While mining overseas sales opportunities, it is important to promptly comply with tax, environmental, and product compliance requirements for different countries. By ensuring that you comply with these requirements, you can start selling in Europe as soon as possible and avoid potential penalties and legal issues.

· European Value Added Tax Compliance Requirements ·

European Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax levied by European countries on consumer spending. Business transactions, imports, and goods movements between European countries/regions require payment of European Value Added Tax (VAT). It is levied by VAT-registered sellers on their sales within Europe and is paid to the national tax authority through VAT declaration.

When do Chinese sellers generally need to register for VAT?

1) Store your inventory in the European Union or UK countries/regions.

(Where there is warehousing, VAT registration is required. Sellers using Amazon logistics (FBA) or European overseas warehouses must register for VAT);

2) Sell goods to business buyers in the European Union or UK countries/regions.

The seller’s VAT registration and obtaining a VAT tax number do not end the compliance process. The complete VAT compliance process is as follows:

· EPR Environmental Compliance Requirements ·

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy that requires producers to take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the goods they introduce to the market, from product design to end-of-life (including waste collection and disposal). Starting in 2022, if you want to sell goods in France/Germany, Amazon will be obligated to confirm whether you meet the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements in the country/region where you are selling your goods.

Current EPR Categories in Germany and France

For products classified under the following categories, sellers should register and provide the corresponding EPR registration number to Amazon according to the product they sell.

*Sellers will not be able to sell non-compliant products if they do not upload their German EPR number;

if sellers do not upload their French EPR number, Amazon will deduct and pay the relevant EPR environmental protection fees on their behalf. If sellers register and upload their EPR number, they can declare it themselves and are not subject to Amazon’s deduction and payment.

· EU Compliance Requirements ·

The EU Regulation on Market Surveillance (EU) 2019/1020, also known as the “EU Product Safety Regulation,” came into effect on July 16, 2021. This regulation requires that products bearing the CE mark must have a person located within the EU as the contact person for compliance with the product (“responsible person”). Selling products with the CE mark in the EU without a responsible person constitutes an illegal act.

Therefore, if you sell products with the CE mark that are manufactured outside the EU, you must ensure that:

1) These products have a responsible person in the EU (designate a person stationed in the EU);

2) Your products with the CE mark have the contact information of the responsible person. Such labels can be affixed to products, product packaging, packages, or accompanying documents.

· Amazon Europe Compliance One-Stop Service ·

In order to help you conduct business in Europe faster, more affordably, and with less hassle, Amazon provides an “Europe Compliance One-Stop Service” exclusive gift package, which helps you solve multiple compliance requirements, including European VAT, EPR, and Eurodebt, and offers discounts of up to 50%. At the same time, you can also consult with the service provider according to the needs of your store.

You can scan the code to log in to the “Amazon SPN Service Provider Network” mini program → click “Compliance” → select “One-Stop European Compliance Service” → choose TB Accountants as your service provider to help you complete European compliance-related requirements and solve your compliance issues in one-stop.

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