Reduce delivery costs! Amazon will provide a $10 self-pickup discount in Mexico!

Amazon offers $10 discount for self-pickup in Mexico to decrease delivery costs

BusinessDialogue learned that, according to, Amazon is offering its customers a $10 discount on pickup orders, replacing home delivery and competing with other retailers to reduce delivery and return costs when consumer demand is low. Amazon has sent notifications to subscribers offering the discount for their purchases.

In the past few days, Amazon has sent an email offering a $10 discount to an unspecified number of Prime subscribers, allowing them to pick up orders worth $25 or more at pickup points such as Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, or Kohl’s stores and get a $10 discount on delivery fees.

According to Reuters, increasing the use of Amazon pickup points will help the company avoid expensive residential package delivery costs and “is a great opportunity for Amazon to reduce delivery costs,” said shipping consultant Dean Maciuba.

Amazon is also starting to charge some customers a $1 fee to return packages at nearby return locations, such as United Parcel Service (UPS) stores.

Delivery companies UPS and FedEx encourage their customers to use Amazon’s nearby return locations, especially in rural areas, where the cost of long-distance delivery may be too high.

For years, Amazon has been educating consumers to expect fast and free delivery and returns. As the company tightens its belt after a period of explosive growth, it has taken many measures to reduce delivery costs.

At the end of last year, Amazon raised its annual Prime subscription price by $20 to $139. It also raised the minimum order threshold for free grocery delivery, encouraged customers to buy the products they need on a specific day of the week to qualify for free delivery, and expanded its urgent same-day package delivery service, charging fees for orders below $25 to reduce delivery costs.

Amazon has also applied this “discount” in Mexico, because if you pick up your order at an Amazon delivery point, Amazon will provide its customers with a discount of 100 pesos by email.

“When you spend 400 pesos or more and send your order to an Amazon delivery point, you can now enjoy a discount of 100 pesos,” the notice reads.

But where are the delivery points? Amazon explains that they are in the places you go every day, and will ensure that your package is safe until you pick it up. “At no extra cost,” the company says.

To find the delivery point closest to your home or the location that suits you best, simply enter your zip code and the portal will immediately display all available Amazon sites.

BusinessDialogue understands that to make this offer effective, you need to check your email, as Amazon will send you a code so that you can deduct the discount when paying for your order.

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