Amazon can retain 90% of its buyers! Middle-aged buyers have such strong purchasing power!

Amazon retains 90% of buyers, particularly middle-aged people with purchasing power

AMZ23 learned that, as reported by the portal, despite a slight decrease in purchase frequency, the average spending from e-commerce platforms continues to rise. The average spending in 2022 was 82.40 euros, 12 euros higher than in 2021. Among these e-commerce platforms, buyers between the ages of 46 and 65 had higher average spending, with an average of 88.6 euros.

11% of consumers spend at least 100 euros on goods twice a month. 35% of buyers make one to two purchases a month, spending 100 euros; 54% of consumers make a purchase every two months, with an average spending of 75.2 euros per purchase.

The main buyers have an average age of 42 and have children. They usually purchase electronics (65%), clothing and shoes (61%), and home furnishings (57%), with a monthly purchase frequency of 5.6 times.

The organization explained that the popularity of electronics is due to the continuous development of technology and the updating of devices such as smartphones and laptops. Due to the convenience of online shopping, it is easy to compare prices and models with just one click, so clothing and shoes are becoming increasingly popular in the market.

Amazon (90%) is the leading market in terms of visibility and purchase volume, able to retain nine out of ten buyers. According to research, users choose this shopping channel because of its variety, speed, and quality. The next two are Global AliExpress (57%) and El Corte Inglés (50%), with the latter maintaining its third position and increasing its penetration rate. These three markets have been leading in vertical fields for many years and have shown no signs of wear and tear in the most common shopping categories.

The existence of the Amazon effect has also been confirmed: 96% of buyers say they are familiar with the platform, 90% of online buyers have made purchases on Amazon, 83% search for information and make regular purchases, and 64% of Amazon buyers are Amazon Prime users.

60% of users say that e-commerce platforms have become their primary source of information, especially Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay. Following closely behind are traditional search engines like Google or Bing (49%) and brand websites (46%). Although social networks are the youngest important source of information, they are still far from being the decisive source of information for buyers (12%).

Another factor that needs special attention is that 73% of buyers say they prefer to buy directly through different e-commerce platforms, and 51% of users prefer to buy through their mobile phones.

Price is still the main driving force

Price (45%) is the most important driving factor for purchasing in the market, as buyers believe that it is cheaper. The second is free shipping or cheap shipping (42%) and product quality (30%).

AliExpress can be considered an ideal market because it stands out in important aspects for online buyers, such as price, shipping, variety, promotions, purchasing or consulting evaluations from its application, and seller information. Nevertheless, Amazon, the giant, still has the ability to attract 98% of visitors and retain nine out of ten buyers. ElCorteInglés and Decathlon are also constantly strengthening their competitiveness this year.

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