Amazon Self-Registration Process Using the US Site as an Example

Amazon Self-Registration using US Site

In the previous release, we introduced the different types of Amazon accounts, among which, self-registration has been the focus of attention. Today, we will introduce the process of self-registration.

I. Introduction to the Self-registration Process

Open the global store website zllp.myyc._rgreks_osy and click on the “North American Store” page. The initial registration page requires you to fill in your username and password information. Enter a new username and password, click the “Next” button, and start registering a new Amazon account. Follow the registration guide on the page to complete the registration process. We will emphasize a few difficult points below.

II. Information Required for Self-registration

When registering, it is recommended that sellers prepare the following information:

1. A Payoneer card that can receive payment (or a payment card from other payment institutions);

2. A credit card with foreign payment function, Visa card is recommended here;

(Note: MasterCard is prone to problems when making payments on Amazon, so we do not recommend using M cards to make payments. Of course, using American Express to pay for the US site or using JCB to pay for the Japanese site is also possible);

3. A mobile phone that can be used normally. During registration, you need to enter a verification code. If your English proficiency is not high enough to answer the verification call, it is recommended to use China Mobile or China Unicom to receive text messages;

4. Business license and detailed address of the credit card. When filling in all the information during the registration process, please use Pinyin and make sure it is exactly the same as the credit card bill or business license, otherwise it may cause trouble later on. If you have spelling difficulties, please carefully check the accuracy of the Pinyin you filled in before submitting.

III. Points to Note in Filling Out the Form

Now, you can start the actual registration process. The official documents have described the specific process very clearly, so we will not repeat it here. We will remind you of a few points to note:

1. Beneficiary Information

Amazon will require you to fill in beneficiary information during registration. This is not mentioned in the official guidance document, causing confusion among many sellers during registration. You should fill in your own actual information. If you are using the English version, you will find that “Business” is displayed here, which does not mean “business”. Choose the former for individual registration and the latter for company registration. After choosing, fill in the information normally;

2. About Address and Information. It is recommended to write names in accordance with the spelling of official documents. For example, Zhang Dan can be written as zhangdan. Of course, if you write it as danzhang, it doesn’t matter as long as you keep it consistent with all other places in the future;

3. For the part involving address, just write the pinyin literally. If the company name is too long, there are three steps to solve it. The first step is to delete words such as “province” and “city”. The second step is to delete spaces. The third step is to change “limited company” to Co., Ltd. You don’t need to do all three steps, just stop at any step if the length is enough;

4. For the part involving receiving payment cards, remember to select the corresponding country to fill in the P card. The default country for filling in the phone number is usually the local country. Please click on the small flag in front of the phone number space to change it to “China” before clicking on “Get Verification Code”, otherwise you will not receive the verification code. If you still cannot receive the verification code or phone after filling in the information correctly, please try again as this is a normal phenomenon.

(The content of this article is compiled based on online information, for the purpose of conveying more information, and does not represent the views and positions of Quan Maitong.)

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