Amazon Daily Shop 76 | Electric Makeup Brush Cleanser, from Niche to Popular

Amazon Shop sells Electric Makeup Brush Cleanser that went from niche to popular

“Daily One Shop” is one of the membership benefits of BusinessDialogue. The BusinessDialogue team selects one Amazon store every day and conducts multidimensional analysis of product data, marketing strategies, category advantages and disadvantages, etc. They thoroughly analyze and integrate excellent operating policies, expand operating ideas, and assist in business development.

The shops analyzed and displayed in “Daily One Shop” are not all top sellers, because we believe that regardless of the size of the shop, whether it is a big seller or a small seller, different scale shops can provide reference and inspiration for your Amazon store operation.

It should be noted that the content displayed in this article is only part of “Daily One Shop”. The store screenshots in the article are all from Amazon’s public display page. The BusinessDialogue team combined relevant data tools for sorting and analysis. The data collection and analysis time was in the second half of 2022.

Today, we will analyze a seller store from Fujian. The store has 2 products, with an estimated daily average of 80 orders and a monthly sales volume of about 50,000 US dollars. It has even surpassed the monthly sales level of 170,000 US dollars. The average gross profit of the hot-selling products is about 66%. They were launched in February 2022, less than a year ago. The store’s feedback count also reflects the seller’s new identity, with a cumulative total of only 40. The main category of the store is beauty and personal care, and the hot-selling product is an electric makeup brush cleaner. The seller’s hot-selling product is fully automatic cleaning, with a USB charging function, small size, light weight, and easy to carry. The seller also buried gift attribute words to expand the audience range.

The store has done a very good job in operation, not only decorating its own brand flagship store but also opening a brand information section on the listing. The seller also displayed safety precautions on the listing and buried many words. The overall listing optimization quality is very high, which can guide buyers who are still unclear about the product’s functions and thus improve the conversion rate.

The overall ranking of the seller has been relatively stable in the past year, maintaining around 6000 in the major category and top 20 in the subcategory. The main reason why they cannot break through to a higher position is that more people choose cleaning agents because they are cheaper. Another reason is that there is a top seller with the same price as the seller, but with more functions, such as automatic cleaning and drying, which creates a gap in the product itself, making it difficult for the seller to compete.

BusinessDialogue learned that in terms of the source of store traffic, through relevant tools, the seller has a total of 1066 traffic keywords, of which natural search traffic accounts for as high as 92%. There is almost no high investment in advertising, and most orders come from natural search, which undoubtedly greatly reduces advertising costs. To achieve this, it is necessary to analyze competitors more and obtain more high-quality keywords from them.

Overall, as a small seller, it is quite good to achieve a top 20 position in the category with just one explosive product in a market dominated by major sellers. The listing is relatively well-crafted. In the case of product quality, the seller can also receive traffic assigned by the ranking, ensuring stable orders.

Currently, Daily One Store has released more than 100 cases. If you want to get more complete Amazon store analysis cases, please join BusinessDialogue membership to unlock and view.


The store comes from the publicly displayed page of The basic information charts and store-related pictures displayed in the article are all organized and produced by the BusinessDialogue member team. The BusinessDialogue member team does not have any original protection and ownership and does not assume any legal responsibility for the subsequent effects.

The analysis and opinions regarding the stores in this article are for reference only and do not necessarily represent completely accurate perspectives. The stores and content mentioned in the analysis also do not constitute any investment advice.

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