Amazon South Africa site is about to launch? Two warehouse addresses have been leaked

Amazon South Africa site about to launch, two warehouse addresses leaked

BusinessDialogue has learned that on May 16th, MyBroadband, a news media outlet in South Africa, reported that a Reddit user revealed accidentally coming across a document posted on Amazon South Africa’s CarrierCentral website, which showed that Amazon will be building two distribution centers in South Africa.

MyBroadband located the document as described by the user, which showed the specific information for Amazon’s two distribution centers. The document showed that one of Amazon’s distribution centers will be built in Eastport logistics park near Kempton Park in Johannesburg, while the other will be built in Montague Garden City in Cape Town.

According to the document, Amazon’s distribution centers can handle pallets of up to 7 tons in weight, with a maximum pallet height of 160 cm, and they can also accept deep sea import containers.

As of now, Amazon has declined to comment on property, employee appointments, and its plans in South Africa. However, based on these documents, it can be confirmed that Amazon’s launch in South Africa is getting closer and closer.

Amazon has been in the South African market for many years, but it has not yet made a strong push into the retail e-commerce business, focusing mainly on its AWS business. After years of AWS business operation, Amazon has accumulated a large amount of user data in South Africa, which will help its development in the South African retail business.

Amazon first established its business in South Africa in Cape Town in 2004. In 2017, Amazon expanded to Africa through AWSDirectConnect, and in 2018, AWS launched AmazonCloudFront sites in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

It wasn’t until January 2022 that MyBroadband first reported that Amazon was looking for warehouse space in South Africa. Then, in June 2022, BusinessInsider reported that leaked documents showed Amazon plans to launch new sites in at least five markets, including South Africa and Nigeria, in 2023.

In August 2022, Amazon announced the recruitment of more than 300 positions in South Africa, including two management positions related to retail business.

Documents obtained by Business Insider showed that Amazon plans to launch its new site in South Africa in February 2023, and plans to launch under the same project code in Nigeria in April 2023.

However, in January of this year, DailyInvestor reported, citing insiders, that the launch plan for Amazon’s Nigeria site has been suspended and the launch of the South African site will be delayed until the second half of this year.

Despite the macro environment being full of challenges, Amazon is still pushing for the launch of its South African site. According to reports, Amazon has obtained warehouse space in South Africa and is working with local courier companies and FMCG retailers.

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