Amazon Turkey website officially launched trial operation for Chinese sellers today

Amazon Turkey launched a trial operation for Chinese sellers today

June 2, 2023 – Friday

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0 1 Amazon Turkey opens trial operations for Chinese sellers today

Starting from June 1, 2023, Amazon Turkey has opened trial operations for Chinese sellers. After successfully joining the trial project of Amazon Turkey, sellers can log in to the Turkish site in their Amazon Europe Union account without additional audit. For FBA sellers, the Turkey site can directly share inventory with the four European countries without additional shipments. To help sellers further improve their profit margins, some categories charge lower commission rates than mature European sites. It is worth mentioning that although the trial operations have just been opened, Amazon Turkey has equipped sellers with rich on-site marketing resources.

0 2 23% of Amazon Prime members who subscribed monthly cancelled their subscription over the past year

The latest data released by the Consumer Research Platform CIRP shows that over the past year, 23% of Amazon Prime members who subscribed monthly cancelled their subscription, of which 41% used it for no more than 6 months. Nevertheless, for Amazon, this is an expected result. The research shows that among the members who cancelled their Prime monthly service over the past year, 35% subscribed for 10-12 months, the highest proportion; 17% subscribed for 7-9 months; 22% subscribed for 2-3 months; 19% subscribed for 4-6 months. A small portion of subscribers had a duration of more than 12 months or less than 2 months. CIRP stated in its latest report that although monthly membership subscriptions are often interrupted, more than 77% of monthly members still continue to subscribe to this service. Moreover, a considerable portion of those who cancelled their subscription over the past year had been subscribed for more than 7 months. The loss of monthly members has little impact on Amazon. According to Amazon spokesperson Sarah Lasky, Amazon has more than 200 million members worldwide, and Statista estimates that there are only 167.2 million members in the United States alone. As of March this year, most Amazon buyers (73%) reported that they were Prime members, while 17% said they had never joined.

03 eBay US website experiences major BUG, seller listing quantity may suddenly increase!

Recently, eBay’s US website announced that due to an update to listings with international shipping options, some sellers’ listing quantities have increased. eBay expressed deep apologies for this and will provide protection measures for affected sellers. Due to this upgrade, some product listings have increased in quantity. We will provide protection for sellers who have had their orders cancelled, received negative feedback or experienced product shortages during the update period to ensure that their seller performance ratings are not affected.

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