Triple efficiency increase! Amazon starts using AI to detect damaged goods

Amazon uses AI to detect damaged goods, resulting in a triple efficiency increase

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Channelx has released news that Amazon’s artificial intelligence technology is being used for a new purpose: detecting damaged goods before they are delivered to customers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon said that less than one in a thousand products are damaged, so unless you order three items a day from the marketplace, you are unlikely to receive a damaged product, especially when the people packaging the products actually handle them roughly and select some defective products. However, Amazon ships 8 billion items a year, which means that one in a thousand starts to add up.

Amazon AI is already being used in two warehouses and will be rolled out in another 10 warehouses in the US and Europe. It checks for any wear and tear by scanning the products placed in the boxes. If a product is identified as potentially damaged, Amazon staff will physically inspect it and ultimately decide whether it can be shipped or moved to a defective inventory. After training their AI to compare images of damaged products with the original products, it has learned how to compare features to identify damaged items. Amazon says their artificial intelligence is three times more likely to find damaged items than employees.

This is an interesting use of AI. When we think of AI in e-commerce, we usually think about automating processes such as optimizing advertising spending, managing picking routes in warehouses, or possibly generating better product descriptions. Amazon AI detecting damaged goods is an interesting development that highlights how technology can improve our lives and reduce the burden on workers, in this case, allowing them to pack goods as quickly as possible to satisfy our endless desire to receive purchased goods as soon as possible.

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