Amazon’s new round of verification has come again, and the system has crashed!

Amazon verification crashed again

Recently, Amazon sellers have been going through various verifications, many of which have not yet completed phone and address verification.

Today, Amazon has pushed a notification of the “Consumer Notification Act” verification in the background.

Since yesterday afternoon, some sellers have received prompts regarding the verification of the law and have been reminded that their accounts may be suspended.

This morning, a large number of sellers received verification prompts, and the account information page was also malfunctioning.

It can be confirmed that this is a large-scale verification operation, which can even be called collective verification.


Verification outbreak on a large scale


In the past, the first thing Amazon sellers did after logging into their store was usually to check their orders, but this long-standing habit has been completely changed by Amazon.

“In the past week, the first thing to do after logging into the store every day is to see if it needs to be re-verified!” Sellers are all scared.

Originated from seller sharing

Compared with the previous verification notification, the feedback quantity this time is significantly more. Sellers believe that this is a concentrated verification action, which has caused congestion in the Amazon background.

In addition, the platform directly warns that there is a risk of account suspension, which makes many sellers feel that they cannot take it lightly.

Sellers quickly clicked to verify, but after opening it showed a website error, and there was no verification option after refreshing, which made them anxious.

However, when they saw the verification content, the sellers were confused again: Isn’t this information verified a few days ago? Now they are asking for a second verification?

Some sellers consulted Amazon customer service and said: “My account suddenly shows that I need to verify one or more operations according to the requirements of the law today, but in fact I have completed the verification a few days ago, and clicking in also shows that the verification is successful. Is this a system bug or do I need to verify again?”

The customer service replied: “Many sellers have reported that the warning banner is still displayed, which makes them worried. Sellers do not need to worry, the banner is only a reminder. As long as it disappears automatically, it means that the verification is completed and no further action is required.”

A business manager sent a notification to sellers: “Today it seems that all sellers’ backends have popped up prompts for verification of the Consumer Notice Act. Sellers tried to submit the verification and encountered a system error, which is likely a system issue. It is recommended not to take any action today. We will contact the US team in a timely manner and notify everyone when there is the latest news.”


How should sellers deal with verification?


Currently, some sellers who have not yet been verified feel like they have received the final warning. They are eager to verify, but there are still some questions about preparing materials.

After receiving a new round of verification notifications, many sellers realized that they need to provide new verification materials, but they cannot find the page to upload materials, especially in the bank account verification. Some sellers said that they cannot find the option to upload files on the performance notification, account performance, and email pages. They do not know where to upload materials, nor do they know what materials to upload.

An experienced seller shared his experience about verification: Find the deposit method in the account information page and click the verification button next to it. This will enter the interface for verifying the bank account, where you need to submit the bank account statement, including the billing information of the receiving account (when downloading the statement, you need to fill in the company address and name, which can be directly copied and pasted from the store backend). For third-party platforms, you need to contact the corresponding platform for processing.

Perhaps because many sellers are verifying at the same time, some encountered problems in the first step – the account information page crashed and cannot be opened at all. Some sellers consulted customer service and got the reply that it is a system issue and suggested that everyone wait. But some people found a solution: if the account information page is accessed too many times, sellers can directly click on the bank account on the account status page, or enter the deposit method page.

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