Amazon’s Daily Shop 68 | Ultimate quality operation, children’s travel trays successfully sold out

Amazon's Daily Shop 68 sold out of children's travel trays due to ultimate quality operation

“Daily Shop” is one of the benefits of being a BusinessDialogue member. The BusinessDialogue team selects one Amazon store per day and conducts multidimensional analysis, including product data, marketing strategies, and category advantages and disadvantages. We thoroughly analyze and integrate excellent operational policies, develop operational ideas, and help business development.

The shops displayed in the Daily Shop analysis are not necessarily top sellers, because we believe that regardless of whether they are big or small, shops of different sizes can provide reference and inspiration for your Amazon store operation.

It should be noted that the content displayed in this article is only a part of the Daily Shop, and the store screenshots in the article are sourced from the Amazon publicly displayed pages. The BusinessDialogue team combined relevant data tools to organize and analyze them, and the data collection and analysis time was the second half of 2022.

Today we will analyze a seller store from the United States that has taken boutique operations to the extreme. Although the store has only 15 products, they are all variants of one product. The seller expects to receive about 310 orders per day, with a monthly sales revenue of about 170,000 US dollars, and an average gross profit of about 53% for explosive products. The store’s feedback has grown by 13 in the past 30 days, with a total of only 108.

The main category of the store is travel accessories, and the explosive product is the travel tray. As a children’s travel product, many buyers will use it. There are many trays on the market for use on car seats, most of which are large in size. The simple travel tray created by the seller is just suitable for storing some small snacks or small parts. The store’s rating is still good, reaching 4.4 stars. Among the 2453 reviews, through the reference rating of fakespot, the authenticity is found to be more than 95%. It can be seen that the seller has always relied on white hat methods to increase comments. From the trend of the store’s comment increase and decrease, in most cases, more comments were accumulated through merging variants, which also greatly increased the store’s weight. BusinessDialogue learned that in terms of traffic sources, the seller almost relies on free traffic to obtain store orders, and advertising investment can be almost ignored. Natural search traffic accounts for 99%, relying entirely on natural orders. Although this greatly reduces drainage costs, it also loses many advertising exposure opportunities. Some big keywords still need to be promoted, which may be because the store mainly targets niche audiences and the users who come are more accurate, so they did not invest too much in advertising after natural search. Another major source of traffic for the store is FBT traffic, which is associated with many other variants of its own store and some category bestsellers. As for off-site promotion, the store only did low-traffic website promotion a long time ago. The core keywords of the store are “car seat” and “toddler car seat”, which bring more than 40% of natural search traffic to the store, and the natural ranking is all on the homepage.

Overall, the seller is a boutique niche operation. The store has been exploding with orders since July 2022 and has continued until now. With the easing of the pandemic, more and more families are starting to travel with their children, and the store’s sales have also improved. It must be said that for sellers on Amazon, whether they can explode with orders depends on timing and location. Catching a bonus can bring in a lot of money.

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The store is sourced from’s public display page. The basic information charts and related images of the store displayed in the article are compiled and produced by the BusinessDialogue team, and the BusinessDialogue team does not have any original protection and ownership nor does it assume any legal responsibility for the subsequent effects. The store analysis content and viewpoints in this article are for reference only and do not represent the complete correctness of the content and viewpoints; the stores and content involved in the store analysis do not constitute any investment advice.

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