Amazon’s Daily Store 66 focuses on affiliate traffic, and the portable baseball cap stands out

Amazon's Daily Store 66 highlights the portable baseball cap for affiliate traffic

“Daily Featured Store” is one of the membership benefits of BusinessDialogue. The BusinessDialogue team selects an Amazon store every day and conducts multidimensional analysis on product data, marketing strategies, category advantages and disadvantages, etc. to deeply analyze and integrate excellent operating policies, develop operational ideas, and help business development.

The stores showcased in “Daily Featured Store” are not necessarily top sellers, because we believe that regardless of the size of the store, different scales of stores can provide reference and inspiration for your Amazon store operation.

It should be noted that the content displayed in this article is part of “Daily Featured Store”. The store screenshots in the article are all from Amazon’s public display pages. The BusinessDialogue team combined relevant data tools to organize and analyze them. The data collection and analysis time was in the second half of 2022.

Today we will analyze a seller store from Hunan, China, which is a seller who came from behind. The store has 19 products, with an expected daily average of 83 orders and a monthly sales of about 63,000 US dollars. The newly launched explosive products have now rushed into the top 50 categories, and the overall development is in a positive direction.

The main category of the store is home furnishings, and the current explosive product is a baseball cap storage bag. The seller’s baseball cap storage bag can actually be used for various types of hats for travel and storage. The word “baseball cap” is used in advertising because this word has higher traffic. The reason why the store’s explosive product is popular is mainly because the seller meets the actual needs of users. The design of the explosive product is not only conducive to carrying out, but also can protect the hat from deformation during the carrying process, which is very attractive to buyers.

BusinessDialogue learned that in terms of traffic sources, although the store is currently being re-promoted, it has already accumulated a good traffic foundation. From the search traffic, we can see that most of the store’s search traffic comes from natural search, and there is not much investment in advertising. The main traffic keywords “hat holder” and “hat box” can occupy the search homepage, and the seller has also advertised, ranking on the first page.

As for related traffic, the store is associated with nearly 2,000 other stores, indicating that the seller mainly does related traffic. Among these associated stores, most of them are competing stores in the same category as the seller, but their styles and portability are not as convenient as the seller’s. Most competing stores are cylindrical hand-held types, while the seller’s store stands out because of the differences that make it both hand-held and with a shoulder strap.

Overall, the seller has launched a new type of small explosive product in this category, which has now risen to the top 50 in the category. It will not form strong competition with the top-ranked cleaning hat cushion rings and hat racks. The seller’s main differentiation is the hat storage bag that is suitable for travel. Currently, there are relatively few reviews, but of high quality. If the seller invites more reviews during this period and improves enough competitive foundation, the snowball effect will continue to grow.

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