Amazon’s daily store 72 | amazing growth! Sales of faucet accessories are steadily increasing

Amazon's daily store 72 has amazing growth with steady increase in sales of faucet accessories

“Daily Featured Store” is one of the BusinessDialogue membership benefits. The BusinessDialogue team selects one Amazon store daily and conducts multi-dimensional analysis, including product data, marketing strategies, and category strengths and weaknesses. They thoroughly analyze and integrate excellent operational guidelines to expand operational thinking and support business development.

The featured store displayed on “Daily Featured Store” is not necessarily a top seller, as we believe that stores of different sizes can provide references and inspirations for your Amazon store operations.

It should be noted that the content displayed in this article is only a part of “Daily Featured Store”. The store screenshots in the article are sourced from the Amazon public display pages. The BusinessDialogue membership team organizes and analyzes them with relevant data tools. The data collected and analyzed is from the second half of 2022.

The store we are analyzing today is a brand seller. Among many categories, its popular products rank high and have good sales. The store currently has 21 products with an expected average daily sales of 157 and a monthly sales revenue of approximately $100,000. The average gross profit of popular products is about 47%. It has reached the top 3 in its category since its launch in January 2022. The store feedback has increased by 45% in the past 30 days, with a total of 1,208. The seller is very stable and has steadily increased sales every month since the launch of the popular products. The store originally focused on kitchen faucet hoses, but now specializes in tools, with the popular product being a faucet accessory. The faucet accessory has been in operation for almost a year and has received good feedback. Unlike the full set of faucet and hose on the market, the seller only sells one accessory that can be used with most faucet hose types and comes with all the necessary installation parts. If the faucet at home is broken, the price of this replaceable nozzle from the seller is more affordable than buying a full set, and it is popular among buyers. From the upward trend of the seller’s ranking, it can be seen that even for similar products, making differences can gain buyers’ recognition. By reducing accessories and prices based on users’ actual usage scenarios, the seller has increased from the original position of over 80 to the top 3 in the category, with sales steadily increasing.

BusinessDialogue has learned that in terms of traffic sources, the store currently relies solely on organic search traffic and free associations to generate a large number of orders. There is almost no investment in advertising, and sales are supported entirely by natural orders. This achievement is truly impressive, requiring a deep understanding of the market, precise control over keywords, and a thorough understanding of Amazon’s algorithm.

Overall, the seller is very strong and patient. The store mostly uses legitimate white hat methods and has not engaged in any other violations. The natural ranking has gradually improved over the past eight months, and there are only about 400 reviews, all of which are natural growth. The link weight of the entire store is very high. There are no relevant records outside the site, and the store relies entirely on natural internal traffic support. As the market becomes increasingly anxious, there are not many sellers like this who have the patience and determination to make money.

Currently, Daily One Store has published more than 100 issues. If you want to access more complete Amazon store analysis cases, you are welcome to join BusinessDialogue membership to unlock and view.


The store is sourced from the publicly displayed pages of The basic information charts and store-related pictures displayed in the article are compiled and produced by the BusinessDialogue team of members. The BusinessDialogue member team does not possess any original protection or ownership of them, nor does it assume any legal responsibility for the subsequent effects they may cause.

The store analysis content and opinions in this article are for reference only and do not represent complete correctness. The stores and content involved in the store analysis do not constitute any investment advice.

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