Amazon’s new regulations are coming, and account verification is becoming increasingly strict Once a year review will be implemented

Amazon's new regulations mean stricter account verification, with an annual review

Amazon has been increasingly frequent in reviewing seller accounts over the past month. Many sellers have received Amazon’s account verification emails, which mention that sellers need to verify their accounts with relevant materials within 60 days, otherwise their accounts will be deactivated. Some sellers who did not receive the email were prompted to re-verify their accounts when checking their account information in the background.

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Many sellers feel that this “sweeping crackdown” is stricter than before, and the scale is larger, because most of the sellers around them have encountered it. It is inevitable to wonder: Is Amazon going to make big moves again?

Just as sellers were discussing this matter, Amazon announced a new rule, which also indicates that Amazon’s account verification will become increasingly strict.

1. Amazon’s new rules

Yesterday, Amazon’s announcement of a new rule “The new US “Consumer Notice Law” has put forward new requirements for sellers” has caused a lot of discussion among sellers.

The announcement mentions that high-volume third-party sellers have an obligation to provide their business information, and Amazon has an obligation to collect, verify, and disclose this information. That is, Amazon needs to verify the seller’s real information. If the verification is not completed, the seller’s account will be deactivated.

The high-volume third-party sellers mentioned in the announcement refer to new products (or unused products) that have continuously sold 200 or more units in the past 24 months, with a transaction total of more than $5,000.

The information that Amazon needs to verify refers to seller’s name, ID document information, office address, bank account information, valid work email, valid work telephone number, and taxpayer identification number, and requires that these information must be the seller’s business name or the legal authorized personal representative of the seller.

Additionally, sellers should pay extra attention as Amazon mentioned that it will require all sellers who meet relevant requirements to undergo an annual information verification in order to ensure the authenticity of business information. This means that sellers who have sold over 200 items for 12 consecutive months with a transaction amount exceeding $5,000 may face an annual “audit”. Sellers must complete the verification within the specified time, otherwise, according to the new law, Amazon may deduct funds or suspend the sales account.

Regarding the “Consumer Notification Act”, it will officially take effect on June 27, 2023.

Once it takes effect, sellers say that Amazon will require annual audits and all information must be truthful and compliant, otherwise, the account may have problems at any time. Some people say that this will reduce the number of buying and selling accounts on the platform, and the phenomenon of infringement and chaos may also be reduced. Compliantly operating shops do not need to worry about this policy, and usually can pass smoothly by submitting relevant materials according to the information.

The promulgation of this policy will also increase the crackdown on non-compliant accounts, and in the future, shops that can operate on Amazon for a long time will be those that are compliant and legally registered. Strict policies mean greater opportunities for businesses to comply.

However, I have also seen some sellers who encounter verification problems due to changes in business licenses or registering with personal ID information. I have collected some methods for sellers to refer to in these situations.

2. Situations where the account encounters audit and solutions

Regarding the current situation that sellers have consulted, the most common ones are the following three:

1. The company’s address has changed, but all other information is complete.

2. The company’s legal representative has changed, but all other information is complete.

3. For personal account sellers, verification of the company’s business license is required.

If the seller has a situation similar to 1 or 2, when filling out the information, they should provide the latest address and legal representative information, and then submit new business license and legal representative documents. If it is unclear, they should open multiple cases to consult customer service or ask other sellers how they solved the problem. Some sellers have given feedback that the registered address of their backend’s actual business address and business license are inconsistent, but they have still passed the following:

  • Business license (in actual operation), with no abnormalities. Canceled licenses are not acceptable.

  • Legal representative ID information (valid), not expired

  • Billing address – using the legal representative’s credit card bill with the same address as the legal representative’s ID

    (Be sure to take a clear photo! Many people have been rejected because the uploaded files are too blurry.)

If the credit card order does not display the address, you can deposit 100 yuan in the bank, and then ask the bank to issue a deposit slip with an address; or you can operate the corresponding credit card app and send an electronic version of the statement (billing statement) to your email or ask the credit card customer service to send it to you. For example, the CMB credit card app can issue a replacement bill with the address displayed at the top. You can also change the address to the backend’s mailing address. After changing it, apply for an electronic version of the statement to be sent to your email. You will receive it on the same day.

If you are a personal account seller, when the review begins, you need to submit company materials. If you cannot skip the step of submitting a business license:

1. Contact customer service and open a case to find customer service (preferably phone customer service), and inform them that your store belongs to a personal account and that you need customer service to provide a link for personal information verification. Only ID and credit card information is required, and there is no need to provide company information. However, some personal sellers are asked to re-verify and provide a business license after passing the verification.

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2. Another method is to register a business license first, and then change the original personal information in the background to the company information, and submit the information with the business license. Some sellers have reported success using this method.

Currently, Xiaojian has also seen services on the market that charge 1000 yuan to help sellers solve the verification problem, but sellers are advised to choose carefully. It is reported that this may involve using a completely new set of information to pass the verification, which carries a high level of risk in the future. Moreover, if it fails, the account may be directly removed. Therefore, sellers must be cautious in identifying such services.

In response to the current verification problem, because it has appeared on a large scale, sellers do not need to worry too much. There will definitely be a unified solution in the future. This verification mainly aims to verify business licenses, ID card information, and other related information, because too many stores have registered false information before.

Therefore, Amazon is also telling sellers that only compliance can take you further on the platform. Finally, I hope that all sellers who encounter verification can pass smoothly.

3. Refined operation of compliant white hat tactics

1. White hat SEO breaks through sales bottlenecks and creates explosive products (safe and compliant, breaking through sales)

Breakthrough traffic, use massive keyword algorithms, and fine-tune precise traffic entry points; improve conversion rates, use product user profiles to align with Amazon’s push mechanism for precise operations, and strengthen the fine-tuned operation of the conversion funnel of “I have what others don’t, I am stronger than others, and I am stronger than others”​​; two core points to break through your sales bottleneck

2. Eliminate ineffective advertising (maximize profits)

The A9 algorithm rules and SEO (Amazon search engine) technology optimize algorithm for massive keywords and listing copywriting. The algorithm classifies new and old product attribute words and locks in Amazon’s recognition, and uses the “four accurate and two many” standards to judge the accuracy and quantity of keyword inclusion, achieve rapid keyword inclusion and natural ranking, and increase the proportion of natural orders. This eliminates long-term high-cost advertising, and the listing keyword ranking and sales exhibit double stability.

3. Quantitative operation, comprehensive control of operational rhythm (quantitative data as the leading factor, control the correct direction of operation)

From keyword collection and layout, listing copywriting, listing on-shelf flow pool judgment, keyword inclusion and ranking operation, massive keyword flow pool expansion, advertising rhythm tactics, comment operation to boutique explosion operation and other precision operations, according to the detailed landing methods and quantitative data indicators for each stage, every day, and every operational link of new and old products (operational indicators such as the proportion of natural single orders, inclusion word proportion, and homepage word proportion), better and more timely control of operational rhythm.

4. Cultivate elite operators to achieve breakthroughs in operational capabilities (realize the reduction of human resources costs and the increase of efficiency)

Born to cultivate Amazon operation operators. The product has layout before and after the explosion and the operation system has data tracking. It is quantified and refined to every operational link. It has technology, algorithms, steps, and rhythm to control operations, making it easy to replicate and follow the platform rules to continuously iterate and update a more suitable Amazon game system, solving the uneven ability of Amazon enterprise operators, and realizing the platform operation capability of the company.

5. Intelligent Traffic Algorithm + Network Technology Tools (each classroom content is tabulated + online tools for practical operation)

In order to accelerate the implementation of course strategies for students, solve the tedious operation problems of operating massive keywords, and quickly improve operational efficiency and performance, teacher Dong Haiwen personally wrote the code, served as the chief architect, and led the IT team to independently create operation tools and plugins.

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