How to analyze ‘market trends’ in Amazon product development

Analyze Amazon market trends in product development

When we conduct market research for products,

many people don’t know how to refine the market trend research.

I have two questions:

What is the market trend?

Market trend analysis refers to the estimation and prediction of the demand for the market and the sales trend of certain commodities using scientific methods.

It is a key factor in determining whether a proposed project is necessary and the scale of production.

According to the analysis scope, it can be divided into macro market trend analysis and micro market trend analysis.

Macro market trend analysis is based on the national conditions and predicts and analyzes the overall demand trend for all goods on the market. It is one of the important bases for the state to formulate social and economic development plans and relevant policies.

Micro market trend analysis predicts and analyzes the supply and demand trends of individual products. It is one of the important bases for enterprises and competent departments to formulate production and operation plans.

Why research market trends?

1. Confirm the product cycle (seasonal? sudden product? hot product?)

2. Evaluate entry/exit time

3. Understand changes in market competition

4. Judge the long-term value of the product

5. Predict changes in future sales trends

6. Stock/promotion rhythm after product launch

Next, I will explain how we should analyze it.

Market trends include:

1. Consumer demand trend

2. Consumer purchasing trend

3. Market Competition Trends

Analysis Methods of Consumer Demand Trends:

1. Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool launched by Google based on search data analysis. It analyzes the billions of daily search data of Google search engine and tells users the frequency and relevant statistical data of a certain keyword or topic displayed in Google search engine in different periods. Users can select corresponding sites for a core keyword of a certain product to view the curve changes of the past 12 months/5 years and preliminarily judge when the traffic peaks and lows of the product are in a year. Is the traffic increasing or decreasing every year? The tool covers a wide range of traffic, not just limited to the Amazon platform. Almost all product development uses this tool, but if it cannot be used properly, it will gradually be forgotten (considered useless). What I want to say is that before we use Google Trends, we need to think about a few questions: What is the purpose of using it? What conclusions do we want to draw? To evaluate the consumer demand trends of a certain product on a certain site of the Amazon platform, it must be analyzed comprehensively both inside and outside the site. This is where the value of using Google Trends lies.

2. On-Site Search Trends

Just now, it was mentioned that it is necessary to analyze both inside and outside the site. So how to analyze the on-site trends? The changes in search volume of keywords (can be achieved by Seller’s Assistant and JS, but only serve as a reference).

ABA ranking trend (backstage brand analysis can be complicated)

The only tool on the market that can intuitively view keyword ABA ranking trends: Jingmai Intelligent (highly recommended, I am using it)

Consumer buying trend: Sales trend analysis method

Tools used: js, keepa

js plug-in: can view the specific values and trend changes of monthly sales/daily sales of a single link in the past few months.

keepa: see the changes in the category ranking of old links in the past year or from the shelf to the present.

By analyzing multiple old links with the above two tools, you can get the sales trend of the product in the entire market.

Market competition trend analysis method:

1. Sales price trend (price trend reflects the degree of market integration)

View the annual price trend changes of old links through keepa

View the price changes of the entire market through SellerSpirit/js

2. Advertising bid trend:

(The change in advertising bid can reflect the change in market competition level)

Tools: Jingmai Intelligent, backstage brand analysis

3. Click concentration trend (Jingmai Intelligent)

Through the above analysis methods, we can more finely analyze the changes in market trends and predict future sales trends.

Hope everyone can practice more and think more during the process of analysis.

Collide with each other.

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