How to successfully appeal trademark infringement on Amazon?

Appealing trademark infringement on Amazon - How to succeed?

What should I do if my trademark is infringed on Amazon? How do I file a complaint? This is a message that Long received from an Amazon seller. As those who work with Amazon know, Amazon takes a strict stance against infringement, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, and counterfeits. Today, Long will explain how to file a complaint for trademark infringement on Amazon.

How to file a complaint for trademark infringement on Amazon:

If someone registers your common word as a trademark and you receive a notice of infringement, you can file a complaint, but pay attention to the following points to increase your chances of success.

You can write your complaint letter using the following template outline:

Part 1: Explain the reason for your message and express your apology.

Part 2: Explain the reason for the mistake, such as not knowing that the word had already been registered as a trademark, and seeing other brand products using the word, leading to the mistaken belief that the keyword could be used. Express your apologies for the lack of attention to the list editing and explain that measures have been taken immediately.

Part 3: Describe in detail the process of removing infringing vocabulary, including the specific situation before and after modification.

Part 4: Develop an action plan around the infringing trademark, such as organizing the study of relevant brand intellectual property, employee training on how to search for trademarks, consulting related websites when editing product lists to confirm if every word has been registered as a trademark, regularly checking product information, cooperating with professional intellectual property institutions, etc. You can also strengthen infringement training and establish a database of infringing words in some way.

Part 5: Emphasize the complaint theme again.

Ensure that infringing vocabulary is successfully removed and confirmed by Amazon. You can attach relevant case and batch modification numbers, as well as the ID of the confirmation of successful removal by Amazon customer service.

Again, I emphasize that I mistakenly used the term “sales” and that the products sold are not from the brand, so we do not need the brand to provide us with an authorization letter. At the same time, attach our own brand receipt to prove that we own our own brand.

Provide evidence to prove that the products we sell are not from the brand, such as providing actual product photos. Finally, in the conclusion, express our apologies again and hope that Amazon can re-examine and restore the link for sales.

Brother Long reminds everyone that if your Chinese appeal is rejected multiple times, you can try to use English for your appeal, as the success rate of English appeals is higher. Those who need an English template can ask Brother Long for it, either through private messages or comments!


The above is Brother Long’s personal experience and the content template outline of Amazon trademark infringement appeals and appeal letters summarized by other Amazon sellers. I hope it can help everyone understand how to appeal. Remember to make sure that the product information has been updated and the infringing terms have been eliminated before appealing, in order to increase the chances of success. Brother Long wishes everyone a successful appeal!

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