What benefits will ChatGPT bring to Amazon sellers?

ChatGPT's benefits for Amazon sellers?

What are the benefits of ChatGpt for Amazon sellers?

With the increasing number of sellers using ChatGpt, its impact on cross-border e-commerce is becoming more profound. The impact on basic operations, customer service personnel, copywriters and other positions is evident. Once ChatGpt becomes a new and stable productivity tool, it will have a series of impacts on the entire industry.

What can ChatGpt do for Amazon sellers?

1. Write Listing titles

For novice sellers who don’t know how to describe their products, they can ask ChatGpt to collect keywords and put them into the titles. AI-ChatGpt can quickly generate titles, which can be easily adjusted according to their own products. It can even be translated into different languages, which is very friendly for sellers on different sites.

2. Optimize Listings

Find products with higher rankings than yours, and filter the required keywords according to search volume. Find out which words are missing and enter them into ChatGpt: Add these keywords to the above Amazon bullet points.

3. Find new Backend Search Terms/long-tail words

These words are related to your products, and similar words will also have a certain search volume, but not too large. You can directly give the keywords to ChatGpt and let it help you find similar words. You can easily get the search volume of these words and choose which ones are more important to put in your Backend Search Terms based on the data.

4. Write Bullet Points and explanations

Bullet Points can also add keywords, and even specify the format in which they are written, such as PRODUCT BENEFIT: Descriptions. There is no problem with writing a separate description!

5. Help with analysis and comments

Comment analysis is too complicated. You can download the comments and filter out the top 20 based on the number of likes. Let ChatGPT help with the analysis and you can get the conclusion instantly.

Sixth, assist in writing promotional articles

Just provide the product name, category, word count, and other details and requirements you want, and ChatGPT can help you write a complete promotional article. If there is no content for social media posts, you can also tell ChatGPT to extract articles and rewrite them into Twitter posts, FB posts, Ins posts, it can do it all.

Seventh, AI intelligent customer reviews

Relatively speaking, Amazon operation reviews are a relatively important node. ChatGPT can help you generate copy to guide customers to leave reviews.

Eighth, reply to customer questions

After receiving customer information, ChatGPT can also help you give a perfect reply. As long as your requirements are specific enough, it can answer everything.

Ninth, write letters to deal with hijackers and customer service

If someone is hijacking your listing, the process of opening a case may be relatively long. ChatGPT can help you write a letter to the hijacker. If the letter doesn’t work, you can provide key information to contact customer service.

Tenth, assist in editing brand name + shallow creativity

ChatGPT can quickly produce results and explain the meaning of the brand name. Just copy the result and write it after the “shops” in the Amazon URL, and see if it has been used.

Eleventh, can assist in contacting internet celebrities

Describe your needs, such as finding cute pet internet celebrities with fans in the range of 3000-5000 on Ins, and you can immediately get a list of internet celebrities. The number of fans may not be too accurate because it is constantly changing, but it is basically within the expected range.

All of these points are enough to make many sellers start to take a closer look at ChatGPT.

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