Advertising not effective? Come and see if you stepped on a mine

Check if you've stepped on a mine with ineffective advertising

Have advertisers ever encountered this situation while sitting in front of the screen?

Spending a lot of time and effort creating materials, joyfully launching advertisements, waiting for the ROI to skyrocket, but the actual results are unexpected.

At the beginning, the advertising effect was good, so they made big moves. After a period of time, the effect was not as good as before, even discounted.

So, the question is:

Why does this happen?

What can “I” do to “save” my advertising costs?

Today, YinoLink, an official Facebook agent, will help advertisers identify the reasons and analyze optimization strategies.

The click-through rate of the advertisement cannot be increased?

As all advertisers know, the click-through rate must be higher than 3% to barely pass. Then why is “my” CTR lower than 3%? The advertising material is not attractive enough. Users may only pay attention to the advertisement for one or two seconds, so high-quality and fresh advertising materials or short and distinctive advertising materials are needed to catch the users’ attention. Advertising material production: zllp.myygp_x?=j=s_nn_okgy.yrierZ-HnN1BkA1BIlGgJac Audience problems The audience scale is too small, and the advertisement cannot generate data. The audience scale is too large, and the advertisement performance is very unstable. There is audience overlap and imprecision. Advertising target setting issues The Facebook advertising target selection will directly affect the advertising performance. Many advertisers go straight for conversion goals. Therefore, do advertisers know the “effect of different advertising goals”? Do they understand the “machine learning stage”? Advertising goal: zllp.myygp_x?=j=s_nn_okgy.yX2wNZBoE9/3ipcvxVQVrLA Machine learning stage: zllp.myygp_x?=j=s_nn_okgy.yfo3PRCobceal:wK9kXbRJA Other setting issues The webpage loading speed is slow, the product description is not attractive, there are no promotional activities, the landing page design is outdated, and the product quality itself is also a problem. [This problem requires advertisers to continuously try on their own.]

Ad conversion not ideal?

Why is my CTR normal but the conversion rate has not reached “my ideal value”? Users are experiencing ad fatigue

The ad material has not been changed for a long time

Only targeting and displaying to “a group of people”

How to keep users interested in ads

Set a limit on the frequency of ad displays to control the frequency that the audience sees your ads. This will reduce the likelihood of audience ad fatigue.

When creating Facebook ads, you can choose to exclude users who have already seen the ad to reduce the possibility of audience ad fatigue.

Show interesting and fresh ad copy, and add brand titles, calls to action, and questioning sentences in the ad copy.

Ad copywriting: zllp.myygp_x?=j=s_nn_okgy.y8/oLP6:3vJwwApURzl76Vc Develop creative “brainstorming” and constantly update ad materials~ YinoToos Tool: zllp.myygp_x?=j=s_nn_okgy.yEg5eeVYS40?2C6GF.wTdNQ

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