Amazon Daily Shop 63 | Children’s pajamas are hot! Average of 2,000 orders per day, with monthly sales of millions of US dollars

Children's pajamas on Amazon Daily Shop 63 are popular, with an average of 2,000 daily orders and millions of dollars in monthly sales

“Daily One Shop” is one of the BusinessDialogue membership benefits. The BusinessDialogue team selects one Amazon store every day and conducts multidimensional analysis on product data, marketing strategies, category advantages and disadvantages, etc., to analyze and integrate excellent operating policies, develop operational ideas, and help business development.

The store displayed in the Daily One Shop analysis is not necessarily a top-selling store, because we believe that regardless of the size of the store, different stores can provide reference and inspiration for your Amazon store operation.

It should be noted that the content displayed in this article is part of the Daily One Shop. The screenshots of the stores in the article are all from the Amazon public display page, and the BusinessDialogue team combines relevant data tools to organize and analyze. The data collection and analysis time is in the second half of 2022.

Today, we are going to analyze a seller store from the United States. The store has 38 products, and the expected daily sales volume is about 2111 orders, with a monthly sales volume of about 1.18 million US dollars. It is also a boutique store that only sells children’s clothing. The top-selling product in the store was launched in September 2019, with an average gross profit of about 56% and monthly sales of over 10,000 units. The feedback quantity of the store has increased by 28 in 30 days, and a total of 4350.

The main category of this store is clothing, and the top-selling product is children’s pajamas. There are up to 240 variants of the top-selling product, and the target audience is children aged 6 months to 12 years old, with a wide range of audiences. For the buyers, pajamas are more concerned about comfort, fabric quality, and color and size. The store has done a good job in this area, and many users praise the clothes for being loose, of good quality, and can remain soft after machine wash without shrinking. In addition to the rich variants, the seller store rating is as high as 4.8 stars, which has already reached the top level of the category.

The quality of the store’s listings is quite high, with rich content in all aspects. In addition, the seller has 7 points of description, which can bury more words and product features. Ordinary categories only have 5 points, but some categories can exceed 5 points. The seller has made good use of this. The most worthy of study is the construction of the store’s brand flagship store, the brand story, page decoration, and product display are all done very well, which can bring enough inspiration to new sellers who don’t know how to build a flagship store.

BusinessDialogue learned that the main source of store orders comes from natural searches. From the store’s traffic sources, it can be seen that the popular natural search traffic accounts for as much as 91%; in terms of advertising, there is almost no cost, and those that are opened are only a few precise long-tail keywords. In terms of associated traffic, the store is only associated with less than a thousand stores, and the seller has saved a lot of investment in drainage.

Overall, this is a very powerful brand sales. The store focuses on product development, constantly develops variants and improves quality, especially in the comfort and quality of clothing, with high investment, plus preferential prices, making the store always highly praised; although there are many sellers of the same type as the store, they cannot resist the large market base. As long as a few points meet the needs of buyers, they can obtain a good market share.

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The store is from the public display page of Amazon ( The basic information charts of the store and store-related pictures displayed in the article are all compiled and produced by the BusinessDialogue member team. The BusinessDialogue member team does not have any original protection and ownership, nor does it assume any legal responsibility for the subsequent effects it may bring.

The content and opinions of the store analysis in this article are for reference only and do not represent the complete correctness of the content and opinions. The stores and content involved in the store analysis also do not constitute any investment advice.

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