Four Methods for Cross-border E-commerce Evaluation and Risk Control

Cross-border E-commerce Evaluation and Risk Control Four Methods

There are many ways a cross-border e-commerce platform can detect if you are conducting product testing, such as abnormal purchasing behavior, direct purchase through links every time without using the search bar, single and quick purchase of products, high proportion of buyer reviews or fake product reviews, posting reviews before the product is received, high proportion of reviews on a certain listing or abnormal order volume, seller or buyer complaints, extensive use of gift cards for placing orders, and abnormally high order volume for new accounts.

1. Associated with buyer account information:

If a buyer’s account is deemed a violation by the platform, all previous order records will be deemed a violation and all reviews will be deemed invalid and deleted. At the same time, the platform will record the credit card number, internet environment, IP address, and delivery address used by this account and include this information in its risk control range. Once another account uses the same information, there is a high probability that it will be deemed a product tester. In other words, if two accounts use the same credit card to purchase the same product and one is deemed a product tester, the other will also be banned.

2. Associated with credit card:

If the platform lists a block of cards on the backend of a credit card as a blacklist, all buyer accounts that use this card segment for consumption will be deemed high-risk accounts. The penalty for this can range from payment failure to account suspension. The platform also periodically audits a certain card segment, and the risk control for buyer accounts using these card segments is particularly strict.

Therefore, it is quite dangerous for multiple accounts to conduct product testing using the same device or IP. If one account is flagged by the platform’s risk control, there is no doubt that other accounts will be associated with it. The platform will record the device and IP address information used for internet access and pay special attention to it. Based on our years of testing, the platform’s risk control mainly includes the following aspects: 1. association with underlying hardware parameters (security code, regional code, MAC, etc.), 2. IP issues, whether DNS jumps between countries, whether webRTC is exposed in China or appears in blacklists of IP addresses, 3. the success rate of payment cards, because many card readers have been flagged by risk control, so there is a need for credit card suppliers who can update at any time and replace them, 4. registration and ordering methods, account nurturing cycle, and how to control reviews. Each link requires understanding to solve. The most important thing about nurturing accounts is to ensure that each account’s network environment is independent and secure, i.e., anti-association. It is also necessary to choose different network environments according to different sites. Our environment plan has been updated more than a dozen times from 2016 to the present, and these environment plans have also been updated with every risk control by Amazon. Therefore, either you have the ability to solve risk control yourself, or you need to have warning prompts to deal with risk control, so that you won’t be like a headless fly running around and unable to solve the problem when risk control comes.

Moreover, the store is easily detected not only because the underlying environment needs to be secure enough, but also because the ordering method is too single. Many people habitually use keywords to browse and place orders. We will also use other methods to place orders, such as external advertising links like Facebook, AB accounts, and testing and monitoring links to make our entire ordering process more diversified. This can effectively avoid the risk of being detected by big data.

Self-maintaining accounts are relatively low-cost, and the registration cost of an account is only a few yuan. You can test anytime and anywhere, and the most important thing is safety and controllability. Because currently there are many unreliable evaluation service providers, the quality of accounts varies, and there are also problems with malicious negative reviews or using black cards to place orders, which can cause abnormal store operations. It is best to control buyer accounts by yourself.

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