How do cross-border e-commerce platforms like Amazon operate? What are the benefits and methods of maintaining a buyer account?

Cross-border e-commerce platforms like Amazon - benefits and methods of maintaining a buyer account?

Amazon is one of the largest comprehensive online shopping platforms in the world and is also one of the giants in the e-commerce industry. As a seller, how to get more traffic and increase sales on the Amazon platform has become a very important issue. Among them, advertising is one of the most effective ways. So when should Amazon sellers advertise?

1. New Product Launch

When you launch a brand new product or a new variant, it is usually difficult to get enough organic traffic, meaning there are few potential customers searching for these products. Therefore, displaying them to potential customers through advertising can accelerate product exposure and increase sales. At the same time, through advertising, you can get more reviews, thereby improving your product ranking on the platform. Then you can get more organic traffic and promote sales growth. Therefore, advertising is very important when launching new products.

2. Sales Focus

When you want to promote certain specific products or increase sales for the entire category, it is easy to think of using advertising to strengthen your sales goals and achieve the effect of sales promotion. For example, if you have several products selling in a category, and one of them sells the best, you can use advertising to increase exposure for this product and increase sales. In addition, generating more orders will also maximize profits.

3. Business Growth

When you plan to expand your business scale and need more customer traffic, advertising can increase traffic sources beyond organic traffic, allowing more potential customers to see your products. The advantage of advertising is that it can present your products and brand, rather than using other methods to increase exposure. Advertising also plays a very important role in expanding new markets or new regions.

4. Disadvantaged in competition

If your product is in a disadvantaged position in the competitive landscape, using advertising to seize customers and market share from competitors would be a good choice. Especially in highly competitive markets, advertising can help you gain more market share, increase exposure and sales. For example, if your product ranks low in a certain category, but the quality and packaging are very good, then it would be very useful to increase exposure and gain more traffic through advertising.

5. Impact on search rankings

By advertising with certain keywords, you can improve your search rankings and help more potential customers find your product. Especially for sellers in their early stages and those who rely on search engines and organic traffic for growth, the importance of advertising will be more significant, as it can help these sellers accelerate their rankings on the platform and increase sales.

In summary, advertising plays a crucial role in the sales strategy of Amazon sellers. Sellers can use advertising to effectively improve their rankings in new product launches, sales priorities, business growth, and search rankings in competition. They can also use their own foreign IP and servers to register buyer accounts for advertising strategies to maximize their benefits. So, what are the methods and benefits of owning buyer accounts?

1. You can freely combine orders according to your needs, such as one order, two orders, or three orders, without spending time browsing accounts every day, and shorten the time to create finished accounts.

2. There are no restrictions on any products. Basic testing is almost all electronics products, which saves labor costs. One person can create a finished account from registration to order in less than 20 minutes.

3. Stable success rate indirectly reduces costs, easily retains sellers, and can directly export the environment.

4. There is no time limit for placing orders. You can place orders in the morning, noon, afternoon, and evening.

5. The computer is equipped with a secure terminal super firewall system, which is truly hardware 0-associated parameters.

It is also important to note the environment creation for account maintenance. It is difficult to evaluate successfully without an independent and clean environment. What does a stable and clean environment include?

(1) Clean and stable proxy IP. For multiple accounts, you need to provide a separate IP for each account, and the language, time zone, DNS, etc. should also be consistent with the corresponding IP.

(2) The ability to simulate different device parameters, such as many computer devices.

(3) The environment is independent and will not produce data association or leakage.

(4) First-hand registration information, foreign email, address, and mobile phone number, which cost about 4-5 yuan.

(5) It is recommended to have one card for one account. With a virtual card background, you can open unlimited cards and recharge them for payment. This cost is also relatively low and will not produce association.

Based on our six or seven years of experience, especially for testing our own stores, it is essential to understand the account maintenance cycle, order quantity, how to maintain the account safely, how to control reviews, how to advertise the store, and the entire process and system. Blindly testing orders is not acceptable. Welcome to technical exchanges.

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