How to determine the health status of an account?

Determining account health status

So how do we determine the health status of our account? Let’s introduce it below.

1. For Amazon sellers, each account will inevitably be in one of the following health states:

1. Healthy

This is the usual healthy state, where you can sell products normally on Amazon and receive payment normally after completing the sale;

2. Under review

The first reason for this state is due to your account’s outstanding performance, especially for new accounts. When the sales volume in the early stage of sales exceeds Amazon’s monitoring value, Amazon will promptly review your account. This review is usually automatically completed in a short period of time, and as long as your account has no problems, no information is required. In this review, your account can sell normally but cannot receive payment.

The second reason is negative, such as infringement complaints, high negative feedback ratio, and many customer complaints. This review usually requires the seller to cooperate and provide various information. Your sales will be suspended and payments will also be stopped;

3. Sales suspension

In this state, the seller’s sales permission has been removed, but there is still an opportunity to appeal. You can appeal according to Amazon’s requirements, and Amazon will decide whether to remove or restore your sales permission based on this. At this time, of course, there will be no sales and payments;

4. Complete sales stop

Once this situation occurs, the seller’s account will be completely unable to log in, and no matter how to retrieve the password, the account will prompt a password error. If you encounter this situation, it means that you really have to say goodbye to your account.

2. How to improve health status: ODR

Among all the health factors of the account, ODR is of utmost importance. Other requirements may have some room for negotiation, but the requirement for ODR is very strict, with a probability not higher than 1%. That is to say, there cannot be any ODR-related issues in 100 orders. If there is one problem, it will exceed Amazon’s requirements.

Moreover, if you have Amazon Business, the requirement for ODR is even higher, reaching 0.5%. Therefore, ODR is a key value that we must understand, and we will explain it in detail below.

Feedback needs to be taken seriously, and customers should not be allowed to give negative feedback easily.

Feedback refers to the feedback score given by customers for the seller’s service process, logistics, packaging, and other experiences. This does not refer to the rating of product experience. If the customer’s entire feedback is about the product experience, it can be applied for deletion.

Feedback is an important factor in the ODR value of an account, because Amazon will guide customers’ feedback, so the probability of receiving negative feedback is higher than the other two factors. Negative feedback generally refers to one or two-star negative feedback, which customers can give within 90 days after receiving the goods. Sellers can communicate with Amazon or customers within 6 days after the negative feedback is received to remove it.

So, how do we reduce the occurrence of negative feedback? Most of customers’ feedback on services comes from logistics, packaging, and services. If you are using FBA, you don’t need to worry about these too much, just make sure your product packaging is good.

If you are a self-shipping seller, please make sure that your customer service tracks the logistics information of customers. Especially during the peak season at the end of the year, once there is a tendency of problems, solve them in time and try to avoid letting customers discover the problems. This can greatly reduce the probability of negative feedback. If there is a problem, be sure to communicate actively with the customer and avoid making excuses.

When communicating with customers, you must adopt a problem-solving attitude and avoid blindly shifting blame, as this can easily leave a bad impression on customers.

The above is the sharing about the account’s health status in this issue. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. (The content of this article is compiled based on online information and is intended to convey more information. It does not represent Quan Maitong’s endorsement of its views and positions.)

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