Did the Amazon hot sellers in May for cross-border e-commerce inspire your selection of export products?

Did May's Amazon hot sellers for cross-border e-commerce influence your export product choices?


1 Water Hiking Sandals

Waterproof sandals with wear-resistant and breathable features, can be worn while trekking through water and mountains, satisfying the needs of consumers for summer outings in the mountains and streams.

The product’s revenue has grown by 6115%, and the keyword “water sandals” has increased by 171% in searches.

2 Patio Umbrellas

Waterproof canopy and ventilation design, placed in the courtyard can easily withstand windy days, satisfying the needs of summer outdoor activities such as barbecues and gatherings.

The product’s revenue has grown by 4931%, and the keyword “patio umbrella” has increased by 1885% in searches.

3 Personalized Throw Blankets

The blanket can be customized with the father’s name, photo, or blessing, used to express gratitude to the father on Father’s Day.

The product’s revenue has grown by 3436%, and the keyword “Father’s Day” has increased by 2800% in searches.

4 Corsage and Boutonniere Sets

The combination of corsages and wrist flowers is very suitable for dances, with pins, clips, and adjustable ribbons to ensure practical wearing needs for each consumer, and is very popular at various graduation dances.

The product’s revenue has grown by 2564%, and the keyword “corsage and boutonniere” has increased by 561% in searches.

5 Reusable Water Balloons

Suitable for summer cooling games, very popular in families with children.

Product revenue increased by 1965%, and the search volume for Reusable Water Balloons increased by 306%.

6 Graduation Decor

Consumers can use banners, balloons, confetti, and other decorations to celebrate graduation ceremonies or create a festive atmosphere.

Product revenue increased by 1392%, and the search volume for Graduation Decor 2023 increased by 2687%.

7 Cooling Pet Bandanas

This cooling headband is designed to help pets lower their body temperature and prevent overheating during walks, hikes, or any outdoor adventures.

Product revenue increased by 1322%, and the search volume for cooling bandanas increased by 159%.

8 Beach Bags

Spacious, durable, and with multiple pockets and compartments, beach bags meet the storage needs of a day at the beach, providing ample space for towels, sunscreen, snacks, and more.

Product revenue increased by 1063%, and the search volume for beach essentials increased by 444%.

9 Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have for summer travel, protecting the skin from sunburn.

Product revenue increased by 998%, and the search volume for la roche posay increased by 290%.

10 Pop up Beach Tent

Portable UV-resistant tents provide shade, allowing consumers to enjoy the beach without worrying about sun exposure.

Product revenue increased by 778%, and the search volume for beach tent sun shelter increased by 837%.

11 Pride Flags

Many brands, organizations, and individuals hold various events during June’s Pride Month to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. The demand for rainbow symbol products such as flags, t-shirts, and accessories has increased.

Product revenue has grown by 650%, and the search volume for pride month decorations has increased by 435%.

12 Tabletop Fire Pits

Perfect for small home picnics and other activities, creating a camping atmosphere even without leaving home.

Product revenue has grown by 589%, and the search volume for tabletop firepits has increased by 155%.

13 Inflatable Tanning Pools

Enjoy sunbathing in your own backyard.

Product revenue has grown by 462%, and the search volume for tanning pools has increased by 157%.

14 Karma T-Shirts

Taylor Swift’s world tour began on March 18, 2023, and is expected to end on August 5, 2023, in Los Angeles. The song “Karma” performed during the concert is printed on the t-shirt, perfect for wearing to the concert.

Product revenue has grown by 451%, and the search volume for karma t-shirts has increased by 290%.

15 Ice Cream Makers

Consumers can make their favorite ice cream and juice ice lollies at home.

Product revenue has grown by 420%, and the search volume for creami ninja ice cream has increased by 1268%.

16 Rechargeable USB Lighters

Rechargeable lighters are the perfect combination of safety and convenience, with their lightweight design and wind-resistant and splash-proof features making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The product’s revenue has increased by 401%, and the search volume for electric lighter candles has increased by 1365%.

17 Father’s Day Golf Tee Sets

Personalized golf tee sets, perfect as Father’s Day gifts.

The product’s revenue has increased by 394%, and the search volume for Father’s Day has increased by 1695%.


From the above 17 hot-selling products, extract the keywords “sunscreen and cooling, portable storage, event atmosphere, custom gifts,” and summarize the following consumer needs for selecting products for the upcoming summer:

1. Sunscreen and Cooling, Portable Storage

Consumers consider hiking, outdoor swimming, cycling, summer camp, and other outdoor activities, or outdoor projects in their own yards. Compared to children or teenagers, they are more likely to participate in summer camp activities. Don’t forget to prepare good things for your pets to cool down and avoid heat stroke.

Matching peripheral products such as large-capacity storage bags, lightweight small bags, sunglasses, swimsuits, sportswear, short sleeves, sunscreen products, pet supplies, etc. are all good products.

2. Graduation Activities

The time for graduation-related activities varies depending on the specific situation of each school in each country, and is mostly concentrated in May and June.

In fact, high school graduation in the United States generally takes place in May and June, college spring graduation in May and June, and fall graduation in December; high school graduation in Europe generally takes place in June and July, college summer graduation in June and July, and winter graduation in January and February; college spring graduation in Australia generally takes place in October and November, and fall graduation in April and May; high school graduation in Japan is in March, and college graduation is in March and September.

3. Atmosphere of events and customized gift giving

Holidays and events are key scenes for selling customized products:

For example, the upcoming Father’s Day, most people choose to give unique customized gifts to express their feelings;

June is also the month of LGBTQ+ Pride, with rainbow flags visible everywhere;

As seen from the popular TikTok hashtag #outfitideas for Taylor Swift’s concert#, customized concert apparel and fan gear are also essential product choices.

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