Terrifying! A single vocabulary can freeze 995 stores Cross-border sellers, don’t touch it!

Don't touch it! One word can freeze 995 stores Terrifying for cross-border sellers

The super strong impact of trademark infringement is once again demonstrated! Previously, Secret Xpress Control mascara sued for trademark infringement, freezing 369 stores, affecting sellers on multiple e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Wish.

This is the brand’s second case in 2 years. The first case was in 2021, when 626 stores were frozen. The two cases have frozen 995 stores in total, catching infringers accurately and steadily. Everyone must be vigilant!

Case Information

The brand Frugality Inc. sued for infringement on March 14, represented by Sriplaw law firm, case number 23-cv-21000.

The Secret Xpress Control trademark was registered in February 2020:

Be careful of another Secret Xpress Control trademark:

The seller should avoid using the trademark in the listing, including the title and product images, otherwise they will face the risk of trademark infringement.

In addition, the brand has also registered the following trademarks, which should also be avoided:

In addition to Secret Xpress Control, there have been many brands/products involved in recent cases, but none as “mysterious” as the emergency choking device. Although it is the same product involved in the case again, the plaintiff is different from the previous case.

Plaintiff 1: LIFE VAC LLC

LIFE VAC LLC filed lawsuits for infringement on March 9 and April 14, both represented by THOITS LAW firm, with case numbers 23-cv-2013 and 23-cv-2360, respectively, mainly for trademark infringement + copyright infringement.

The brand name LiveVac is registered in Class 10 medical devices:

The brand has also applied for copyright protection for its products. The images on the official website have the risk of infringement, so it is not recommended to use them without authorization. For more information, please refer to the brand’s official website: https://lifevac.net/.

Plaintiff 2: DCSTAR INC

DCSTAR INC filed a patent infringement lawsuit on April 14th and April 21st, represented by Sullivan & Carter LLP, with case numbers 23-cv-2355 and 23-cv-2522, mainly accusing patent infringement.

It involves a US invention patent called Removal device for removing obstruction in respiratory tract and connector, with patent number US11478575B1, which was authorized on October 25th, 2022:

Currently, 263 stores have been sued, which can be described as a fierce offensive. If your product falls within the scope of protection of this invention patent, there will be a certain risk of infringement. It is recommended that sellers who sell related products carefully analyze and compare to avoid getting sued.

In addition to the above two products, recently there have been cases involving Tobias Fonseca Works copyright paintings, Roblox games, Ninja Turtles series, Aquabeads water mist beads, etc. The corresponding case information has also been shared by Jitu. Sellers who want to know more can leave a message to get information~

What should you do if you are sued by mistake? After receiving the platform notification, you can immediately entrust a lawyer to analyze and handle it, which can be solved quickly within 1-3 months. If you need professional infringement settlement services, or want to know if your product infringes, please contact us for consultation~

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