Facebook Overseas Advertising Account – What to Do If Facebook Advertising is Not Successful?

Facebook Ads Account - Troubleshooting Unsuccessful Advertising

Cross-border e-commerce sellers may encounter unsuccessful ad placement when advertising on Facebook. So what should we do when this happens? Here are some solutions:

First, we need to understand why the ad placement is not successful. There may be some reasons as follows:

1. Too small audience: If the number of active users in the target audience is less than 1,000, the ad will not be placed on Facebook;

The solution is to add some other behaviors or interest categories, or relax the audience restrictions. You must set an audience of 1,000 or more users to continue advertising.

2. The ad is rejected or restricted:

Facebook has its own rules for reviewing ads displayed on the platform. The image in each ad material can only contain 20% text, otherwise its display time will be limited, reduced, or completely closed;

The solution is to optimize the ad to better meet Facebook’s parameter requirements. Sellers need to fill in policy documents and create images with less text.

3. Poor engagement of the ad: Ads with less engagement and more negative interactions will limit their display and may not be seen by people;

The solution is to create a new ad with better engagement. If this does not work, try placing the ad in an interactive activity and then use it after building good interaction in the ad.

4. Too many pricing/budget restrictions: Facebook will show ads to the people who are most likely to achieve ad goals (these goals include page views, form submissions from potential customers, online purchases, or ad engagement);

The solution is that the budget and final bid of cross-border e-commerce sellers should not differ too much, and should be as consistent as possible.

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