Can FB overseas accounts run replicas?

FB overseas accounts run replicas? Yes/No

With the development of globalization and the popularity of the Internet, many people have started to get involved in international trade. Among them, cross-border e-commerce is a very promising field, and one of the most popular platforms is Facebook. However, for overseas sellers, there may be a problem, which is whether they can sell counterfeit products on Facebook.

Firstly, we need to clarify a concept, that is, “counterfeit products” refer to products that are similar or identical to the original products, but not produced by the original manufacturer. These products are usually produced by other manufacturers or suppliers and sold at lower prices. In many cases, the differences between these counterfeit products and the original products may be small, or even difficult to distinguish.

Returning to the problem itself, can overseas Facebook sellers sell counterfeit products? The answer is no. Facebook’s policy clearly prohibits the sale of counterfeit products on its platform. Specifically, Facebook’s “Intellectual Property Policy” clearly stipulates the following:

“The sale of infringing goods such as counterfeit goods, pirated goods, and imitated goods is not allowed on Facebook.”

In addition, Facebook’s “Merchant Policy” also explicitly states:

“We do not allow the sale of any counterfeit products.”

Therefore, if you are an overseas Facebook seller and plan to sell counterfeit products on the platform, you will violate Facebook’s policy. This may result in your account being suspended or closed, which will affect your business.

Overall, as an overseas Facebook seller, you should comply with the platform’s policies and not sell counterfeit products on it. Instead, you should choose to sell original products or products designed and produced by yourself. This not only avoids legal and business risks, but also ensures the long-term stable development of your business.

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