US Overseas Warehouse | What are the fees for one-piece shipment storage and handling?

Fees for one-piece shipment storage and handling in US Overseas Warehouse?

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Article written by Cangsheng Overseas Warehouse

Introduction: With the continuous development and improvement of third-party American overseas warehouses, both Amazon and Walmart, as well as independent sellers, have gradually transitioned to using American overseas warehouses to operate one-stop dropshipping. Sellers are concerned about the costs involved in the inventory and outbound operations of one-stop dropshipping.

According to a survey data from the 2022 “Overseas Warehouse Blue Book” in the industry, the two most important factors for sellers in choosing third-party overseas warehouses are timeliness and price. For those sellers who are interested in the timeliness of the inventory and outbound operation of one-stop dropshipping in overseas warehouses, they can refer to the article “Focus on American Overseas Warehouses | Timeliness of Inventory and Outbound Operation of One-stop Dropshipping in Overseas Warehouses” on the Cangsheng Overseas Warehouse official website. We will now introduce the fees involved in the inventory and outbound operations when using overseas warehouses to operate one-stop dropshipping.

1. Fees for one-stop dropshipping inventory

There are many situations in which one-stop dropshipping goods are imported into overseas warehouses, such as regular first-mile inventory, which is sent from China to overseas warehouses, and goods that are already in foreign countries and are transferred by other overseas warehouses, including FBA warehouse returns, and other third-party overseas warehouse transfers. Different situations have different charging standards.

1. Regular first-mile inventory When operating one-stop dropshipping, if it is a regular first-mile inventory, there are mainly two ways to import goods into the warehouse: sea freight container and sea freight/air freight/land freight LCL (less than container load) import. However, no matter which way is used for inventory, the basic charging items for inventory are almost the same, such as unloading fees, overweight fees for single box unloading, tally additional fees, and inventory processing fees. As for the pricing of fees, each overseas warehouse has its own standards. Sellers who want to learn about the inventory fees for one-stop dropshipping goods at Cangsheng Overseas Warehouse can contact the sales representatives of Cangsheng Overseas Warehouse (contact information is located at the bottom of the article).

2. Other overseas warehouse transfers Transferring from other overseas warehouses requires the handling of a one-piece shipment, which may be more complicated than regular inbound shipments. For example, there are situations such as third-party overseas warehouse returns and FBA returns, which involve identifying package labels and inspecting packaging. Different overseas warehouses have different fee structures for these services.

2. One-piece shipment outbound fees

Compared to inbound shipments, there are fewer services involved in one-piece shipment outbound shipments, so the fee structure is simpler, mainly consisting of one-piece shipment handling fees. The handling fees for one-piece shipments are related to the billing weight of the order, and different billing weight segments have different fee structures. The higher the billing weight, the higher the fee, for example, the order handling fee for the 10-20 pound segment may be $2/piece, while for the 20-40 pound segment, it may be $2.5/piece.

It is necessary to explain the billing weight. Some sellers may wonder why the fees charged by overseas warehouses are sometimes higher than their own calculations. This is because the billing weight is different. The billing weight is determined as follows: when the actual weight of the order is greater than the volumetric weight, the billing weight is the actual weight; when the volumetric weight of the order is greater than the actual weight, the billing weight is the volumetric weight, in short, the billing weight is the greater of the actual weight and volumetric weight. If the seller calculates a higher cost, it may be because the lower value was used when calculating the billing weight. The actual weight can be obtained by weighing, but the volumetric weight needs to be calculated. Volumetric weight (pounds) = length × width × height (inches) / xx (different overseas warehouses have different standards, such as Warehouse International’s standard of 260).

Conclusion: The above is an introduction to the fee structure for one-piece shipment handling for inbound and outbound shipments, which we hope will be helpful to sellers. Because the standards of different overseas warehouses may vary, and fees may be adjusted according to the overall environment, sellers need to contact overseas warehouse staff for more detailed and specific fee structures and the latest fee standards.

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