Product selection and operation problems, how to create explosive products? These four data are crucial

Four crucial data for creating explosive products despite product selection and operation problems

90s generation Aqiang had been working in the traditional B2B foreign trade industry. He now wants to transition to cross-border e-commerce and has chosen Amazon as his preferred platform. However, like many other new sellers, after operating alone on the Amazon US site for a month, he found that he didn’t even understand how to select products.

Faced with a large number of products, novice sellers have no idea how to choose products.

Even Aqiang’s fellow villager, Azhen, who has 1 year of Amazon operating experience and has positioned her main product direction, still does not know how to find product opportunities, achieve profit upgrades, and break through operational bottlenecks. This has been giving her a headache.

With so much data, what exactly should be considered for fine product selection?

After launching new products, how to promote them becomes a difficult problem again.

With these doubts, Aqiang and Azhen participated in the “Exclusive Customer Manager Face-to-Face” salon hosted by Amazon official, hoping to get professional answers.

If you have similar questions, why not see what Amazon’s exclusive customer managers have to say!

01 , How can a new seller with no idea of product selection get started?

Seller Aqiang:

I just transitioned from traditional foreign trade to Amazon. I have a lot of bamboo and wood supply chains. I selected a few products to operate for a month, but because of the intense competition, I plan to switch to a new batch of products. How can I tell if a new product is good or not on Amazon?

Amazon Exclusive Customer Manager:

In fact, the official provides many free tools to assist sellers in making various decisions including product selection.

Tool One

✨Clear compliance requirements, no crossing the line

First, exclude products that cannot be sold. For example, products that do not comply with local laws and regulations, do not meet Amazon’s requirements, or do not meet logistics and transportation conditions, you can check whether the new products you have selected meet basic requirements on the compliance reference page.

Tool Two

✨View various rankings on various sites

You can refer to the various rankings on the front of each Amazon site to find inspiration. In these rankings, you can also filter out different product categories and sub-category lists, popular products in each category, and new products with rapidly increasing rankings, etc.

Tool Three

✨Learn about product selection trends on the seller’s encyclopedia

Through providing overviews of different overseas sites, consumer profiles, and breaking down the main hot-selling categories, the Amazon seller encyclopedia provides sellers with the latest trends in product selection for free, pointing you in the right direction for your product selection.

Specific path: Seller Platform-Learn-Seller Encyclopedia-Product Selection and Trend Guide

Tool Four

✨Brand analysis tool to help with product selection

After completing Amazon brand registration, you can use the Amazon brand analysis tool (ABA) to obtain hot search terms, understand consumer demand, and further optimize product selection decisions.

Specific path: Seller platform-Brand-Brand analysis

(Data is for demonstration purposes only)

Tool Five

✨Product Selection Compass Expands Product Advantage

The Product Selection Compass provides different solutions for sellers at different stages. Novice sellers can quickly gain market insights and target new products through various data indicators. Sellers who have already made sales can explore more business opportunities on other sites!

Specific path: Seller Platform – Growth – Product Selection Compass

Tool Six

✨Opportunity Detector Explores New Opportunities

In order to find highly demanded sub-categories related to bamboo and wood products, you can use the official product selection tool – Opportunity Detector to search for sub-market search terms as the core and explore unsatisfied overseas consumer demands, quickly find potential sub-markets, and explore new opportunities for product selection!

Specific path: Seller Platform – Growth – Opportunity Detector

(Data is for demonstration purposes only)

Tool Seven

✨Revenue Calculator Helps Profit Evaluation

After initially selecting a product direction, you can use the Amazon Revenue Calculator to estimate costs and choose appropriate delivery channels, helping you adjust your operations strategy in a timely manner, control costs, and increase profits.

02, Rejecting Passive Product Selection, What Data is Needed for Accurate Product Selection?

Seller A-Zhen

I also wanted to do fine-tuned product selection through data and systemization, but I just couldn’t figure out which data dimensions to look at!

Amazon Exclusive Customer Manager

Actually, fine-tuning product selection is not difficult. The first thing is to sort out the data of the four dimensions: market, product, pricing, and sales goals.

Dimension One

✨Market dimension: insight into market demand and competition

Based on your own supply chain, you can target understanding the growth potential and competition of your product category in the country of sale.

Firstly, we suggest that you research some basic information about each sub-category of the category you are preparing to enter, such as market capacity, annual growth rate, third-party seller penetration, and whether it has seasonal characteristics, etc., in order to determine the sub-categories with potential and find the right time to enter.

Dimension Two

✨Product dimension: find differences and explore product opportunities

You can study and summarize the characteristics of the best-selling products in the existing categories, and the real user evaluations of the pros and cons of the products. Based on this, you can explore the differences that your product can shape. You can seize this difference in the product development and design stage to expand opportunities.

※ Friendly Reminder: Don’t forget the compliance requirements for product development!

Dimension Three

✨Pricing & sales goals: scientifically price and set reasonable sales goals

Finally, you can refer to the price distribution range of the category, and combine it with your brand and product positioning to determine the pricing. At the same time, you can use the income calculator to evaluate costs, select a distribution channel, and reasonably estimate sales and set sales goals to determine the number of stocks.

03, Ready for explosive sales, just lack a successful cold start?

Seller Jane

How should I do the “first fire” cold start after listing my products?

Amazon Exclusive Customer Manager

The three-step cold start, take the first step to achieve explosive sales!

Step 1

✨Create high-quality listings to bring in organic traffic

A high-quality listing is essential for successfully cold starting a new product. In addition to optimizing visual materials, you can also use free official tools (such as ABA) to organize high-frequency hot words and add these keywords to your listing. Choose the appropriate product category for your product and try to improve the filtering conditions as much as possible to increase organic traffic.

Step 2

✨Use “old products to promote new” to attract traffic to new products

In addition to Amazon product promotion (Sponsored Products), you can also use Sponsored Brand’s product collections and Sponsored Display’s content-related delivery to place ads for new products on your high-traffic best-selling products, achieving “old products to promote new”.

Step 3

✨Maximize exposure by capturing both on-site and off-site traffic

External promotion focuses on product exposure, leaving a deep impression on consumers and planting seeds for potential purchases. At the same time, you can also use on-site promotions to increase conversion rates, shorten the cold start time, and prepare for explosive sales!

Seller Ah Qiang

Great, now I have a clearer idea of product selection. It would be great if you could help me solve my doubts anytime!

Seller Jane

Yes, of course! I’m looking forward to consulting with you in the future and achieving explosive sales!

Amazon Exclusive Account Manager

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