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Facebook is the largest social networking site in the United States, with users from all over the world. Facebook has over 300 million users, including over 1 billion profiles, and more than 800 million people use Facebook every day. That’s why it’s so popular all over the world. For cross-border e-commerce, promoting products, conducting marketing activities, and establishing your own corporate website through Facebook are all very effective ways to expand overseas markets. For cross-border e-commerce, although it is impossible to communicate with customers 24 hours a day, we can use our rest time or spare time to develop foreign markets and make our customer base more extensive.

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1. Account registration

Many people think that Facebook registration is difficult, but it’s not. We just need a computer that can access the internet, log in to our Facebook account, and fill in some information as required.

First, we need to choose a good IP address, because the Facebook account we are logging in to is for Americans, so we need to choose an American IP address when registering. Secondly, we need to choose an email address. It is recommended that you use your own commonly used email address and not use other email addresses to register. Finally, we need to fill in some basic information, such as personal information, address, phone number, etc. You can fill in according to your actual situation.

2. Facebook account settings

The Facebook account is very important information. If we cannot ensure the security of the account, it is very easy to cause our account to be blocked. When setting up a Facebook account, pay attention to the following points:

(1) When registering an account, you need to provide some relevant information, including company name, industry, and keywords related to the product.

(2) If you use company registration, you need to provide the company name and address.

(3) After registration, be sure to remember to log out of your account. If you do not log out, Facebook will consider you an unstable user.

3. Content Creation

Facebook mainly uses images, videos, and text to spread information. Therefore, when we publish content, we should try to create beautiful images or videos, and also provide short text descriptions, so that customers can better understand the products we promote. In addition, when writing Facebook promotional content, try to incorporate relevant product or company logos, which will make it easier for your users to accept.

(1) Communicate with customers more and understand their needs;

(2) Update content regularly;

(3) Choose appropriate platforms and content distribution channels;

(4) Communicate more with other industry professionals.

4. Facebook Advertising

In order to carry out advertising on cross-border e-commerce, we first need to choose a suitable advertising platform. Through Facebook advertising, we can locate and target user groups that fit our product characteristics, thereby effectively reducing advertising costs. Secondly, we need to choose the appropriate advertising format according to different advertising purposes. For example, for product promotion, you can choose the “video + image” format; for brand promotion, you can choose the “video + text” format; for sales promotion, you can choose the “video + image” or “video + text + image” format. When promoting, you can also use the Facebook ad page settings function to choose the advertising format. For example, when setting up the “homepage link” function, you can add product images, company website links, etc. to the homepage.

The above is the content that the editor learned from querying relevant information, hoping to bring you help.

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