Is a good Amazon selling strategy?

Good Amazon selling strategy?

Is a focused store really a good Amazon business strategy?

Many people believe that a focused store is useful, but in fact, they misunderstand the meaning of “focused” and “Amazon”.

The real “boutique” refers to a product that meets the basic dimensions and has one or two unique selling points. For example, for a measuring ruler, if the material, quality, and accuracy meet the basic dimensions, there is a type of measuring ruler that can measure irregular shapes in addition to straight lines, and can be operated by one person for slightly longer distance measurements. Only products with one or two unique selling points are considered boutiques. Once “focused” and “store” are combined, the reality of magical realism emerges.

Many people understand “focused store” as “spending one or two days analyzing categories and products, then conducting industry and competitor analysis, and finally finding a product on 1688 or other wholesale platforms to publish on Amazon.” If this is a focused store, then essentially this operating method is no different from the brick-moving method through batch uploading software.

Why is there no difference between a focused store and a general store?

1. The Matthew Effect of e-commerce.

All e-commerce platforms have a head effect, but the head effect of Amazon is more obvious. If you look at Amazon’s search traffic, many categories only display 7 pages of search results, which means that many products are difficult to obtain stable traffic.

To illustrate the Matthew Effect of e-commerce, there are two sets of data below:

Through these two sets of data, everyone should understand what the Matthew Effect is and why e-commerce traffic is everything we need to consider.

2. The significance of spending time and energy on product selection lies in its uniqueness.

3. Attacking on all sides in resource allocation often leads to failure.

Amazon’s correct product selection strategy is to avoid the “dead middle” trap.

The core of e-commerce sales is traffic. Many people may have heard of the “barbell strategy“, which is also applicable in actual operational strategies because the traffic characteristics of the Internet combine the Matthew effect and the long tail effect. The “dead middle” is actually a popular expression for this type of effect on the Internet.

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