How does Amazon improve the conversion rate of product listings? What are the advantages and techniques of self-sustaining account evaluation?

How to boost Amazon's product listing conversion rate and self-evaluate account advantages/techniques?

As mentioned before, there are several ways for Amazon sellers to generate traffic to their stores. However, after obtaining traffic, sellers need to consider the issue of conversion rates. If the traffic does not convert, it will not generate any orders. If the conversion rate is too low, it will also affect the performance of the product, such as a drop in ranking. Therefore, Amazon sellers need to pay attention to several issues in order to improve the conversion rate of their store’s product listings.

Improve Keyword Accuracy

When the traffic of a product increases, sellers need to analyze the data to see which keywords the traffic is coming from. If the keywords used to attract traffic are too broad or not relevant to the product, it will increase the product’s exposure but not accurately target the right audience, resulting in a low conversion rate. Therefore, sellers should try to choose precise keywords that are highly relevant to their products when setting up product titles, descriptions, and advertising. Amazon sellers should also use Amazon’s keyword tools, such as Captain BI’s keyword tool, to analyze keyword data to improve keyword accuracy.

Highlight the Product’s Selling Points

When customers enter a product page, the first thing they see is the image, title, and selling points. Customers click to browse the product page because they are attracted by the product’s main image. If they leave the page quickly, it means the product’s selling points in the title are not effectively highlighting the product’s advantages. This makes it less likely for customers to make a purchase from that seller, making the selling points in the title more important than the product description below.

Product Pricing

For price-sensitive customers, they usually compare prices of similar products. Among similar products, if the customer considers the quality and performance of the product to be similar, they tend to prefer products with lower prices. Moreover, for two similar products, if one seller sets two prices, such as showing an original price of 100 and a discounted price of 80, while another seller only sets one price of 80, then customers are more likely to choose the product of the first seller because they feel they are getting extra benefits.

It is recommended that Amazon sellers set two prices when releasing products, which is more conducive to stimulating customers to place orders and increasing product conversion rates.

High-quality Product Reviews

The number of reviews, star ratings, and negative reviews directly affect customers’ purchase decisions. Amazon is a platform that attaches great importance to customer experience. User reviews can greatly influence the sales trends of stores. Sellers should not simplify the product’s packaging and after-sales service just to save a few yuan in costs. Because these seemingly unimportant details directly affect the customer experience and determine the final product evaluation. When you receive feedback from customers, try to solve it as soon as possible and ensure a fast return and exchange process. Products with more positive reviews will naturally have higher conversion rates.

If the Amazon product conversion rate is not high, it is equivalent to wasting the previous drainage and promotion results. Therefore, sellers must conduct data analysis in a timely manner while promoting and optimize listings accordingly to effectively increase product sales.

Whether it is Amazon, Pinduoduo Temu, Shopee, Lazada, Wish, AliExpress, Meiliduo, Ali International, Walmart, OZON, Allegro, Cdiscount and other cross-border platform sellers like to use review-based order placement to improve store weight and product ranking to attract traffic and improve conversion rates through positive reviews. What are the advantages and techniques of reviews?

Self-owned evaluation undoubtedly means building your own environment and equipment, using foreign servers and residential IP addresses, anti-association browsers, and using real buyer information from overseas to register your own buyer accounts.

1: The evaluation time and quantity can be controlled by oneself, and can be evaluated anytime and anywhere to quickly improve weight and traffic.

2: The cost of self-owned evaluation is low, and only one computer is required.

3: There is no need to worry about negative reviews and returns when evaluating on your own.

4: The most important thing is that the quality of the self-owned account is relatively safe and controllable. The self-owned account uses relatively pure IP residential addresses and first-hand buyer registration information from overseas (overseas email, shipping address, mobile phone number, real-time exchange rate, credit card).

We have to solve the following problems for anti-association:

1. Solve the association of hardware parameters, security codes, regional codes, regulatory codes, IMEI serial numbers, and physical MAC addresses.

2. The purity of the IP (including the association of the IP, DNS will not jump countries, WebRTC local LAN will not be exposed in China, or blacklist IP).

3. Anti-association of browser cookies.

4. Issues related to foreign payment card associations, card head risk control, etc.

5. Each account is unique, and account weight management and tag management skills are required for account growth.

6. The purity of registered buyer account resources and real shipping addresses.

All of these will affect the safe and stable use of your buyer account.

Although the underlying environment is very complicated, the operation is very simple and convenient. Evaluation can only be carried out in a safe environment system and pure IP without being detected by platform risk control. If you learn the self-owned evaluation technology, you can evaluate yourself anytime and anywhere, and the cost is very low. The comprehensive cost of an account is about 10-12 yuan, and it can be used for a long time. There is no need to worry about the quality of service provider buyer accounts being low or malicious refunds, or even being affected by black card orders, which affects the weight of the listing or even the store closure. Follow Uncle Long to solve more cross-border issues.

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