Restricted from leaving reviews by Amazon, how to use self-sustaining accounts to bypass it

How to bypass Amazon's review restrictions using self-sustaining accounts

Amazon’s actions to restrict comments have become common during the recent crackdown, and if your comments are restricted, you need to deal with it depending on the situation.

The reason why a listing is restricted from receiving reviews is most likely due to either a rare mistake made by the system robot or a high probability of human-operated review fraud. In the latter case, the system will mark (identify) the fraudulent activity.

1. [For mistakes made by the system]

If a small number of reviews have been deleted from a listing and you are now restricted from commenting, the main reason is that the number of reviews on the listing exceeds the proportion of total orders occupied by the listing’s reviews. Therefore, the commenting function has been restricted.

The reviews on this listing are not problematic and do not prove that you have engaged in review fraud. The only issue is that your review count exceeds the number for this listing, which is determined by Amazon’s machine learning algorithms based on data from each category.

If this is the case, do not rush to move your products to other listings. Once your listing’s sales volume increases and the proportion of reviews to total orders is between 3-5%, the commenting function will be automatically restored (the key is still sales volume).

If a seller’s store is reviewed and restricted by Amazon after one of their product listings has been targeted (assuming you have not engaged in any fraudulent activities), you will need to appeal to Amazon to restore your commenting privileges. There is a high chance that Amazon intentionally enters the review stage, so you have a good chance of success.

2. [For review fraud]

Amazon will judge review fraud based on the following four points:

① Abnormal login IP address (IP jumping);

② Abnormal review frequency for the buyer’s account;

③Abnormal review frequency on seller’s listing

④Operation method: Using the same method on the same listing to quickly operate reviews within a short period of time. If one or more of these four conditions are met, the reviews on the listing may be wiped out. Reviews on this type of listing cannot be saved, and the listing itself cannot be saved. Facing this situation, what are the common practices:

①Abandon the listing, withdraw the inventory, and create a new listing;

②Create a self-delivery link, bind it with the original link, and use the self-delivery link to do reviews;

③Bind other listings and share reviews;

④Use a secondary account to sell, then list multiple variations and leave reviews on the variations, and then bind and merge;

⑤Limit the reviews on the listing. If the current price has a profit and the sales volume remains stable, sell the FBA inventory in the existing state;

⑥The simplest method is to use self-operated accounts to re-test the products, place orders with a 10% review retention rate, and activate the products with high review rates.

If the reviews on one of the seller’s products are wiped out, and this triggers Amazon’s review of the seller’s store, which then restricts the seller’s account sales rights, the problem becomes more serious. The account can be appealed and there is a relatively high chance of recovery following the process, but the corresponding listing reviews cannot be restored, and the process takes at least 20 days.

Here is some additional information (for reference only):

1. If there is no abnormal brushing behavior (as determined by the system) on the ASIN that has limited reviews within the next 28-30 days, the system will automatically lift the review restriction.

2. The central idea of the above methods for lifting restrictions is to replace the ASIN. The system recognizes it as a new ASIN, so there are no restrictions. However, the sales weight of the original product will be lost, and the keyword ranking or others may start over. Use it cautiously if you are not mentally prepared for this.

3. If you are certain that your product has not been manipulated, tested, or reviewed illegally, you should insist on asking customer service to re-recognize it in the system. Choose natural and healthy products without “additives” first.

4. Next, you can solve it through other methods (such as self-owned account reviews, genuine reviews, etc.). Scientifically combine them in proportion, match them with fingerprints and overseas servers, and improve the weight by testing orders according to the cycle.

For other specific operation methods, welcome to exchange with Gu Ge (ancient brother).

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