Giant Interactive | What are the optimization strategies for Facebook agents and Facebook ad titles and materials?

How to optimize Facebook agents, ad titles and materials for Giant Interactive?

After cross-border sellers place Facebook ads, they will optimize the ads based on relevant data. The quality of Facebook ad materials directly affects the click-through rate, conversion rate, and interaction rate. This also applies to Facebook ad titles. So, what are the optimization techniques for Facebook ad titles and materials? Let’s take a look below!

I. Title

1. Start with Numbers

With a large amount of information, users can only find the seller’s information in a few seconds. At this time, the highlights of the information can be quickly displayed to attract people’s attention. Visually, numbers are simpler and have higher recognition, so they can greatly attract users’ attention.

2. Use Questions to Stimulate Curiosity

Using questions as a title can attract users’ attention and make them look for suitable answers. According to data, when using question sentences for advertising on Facebook, click-through rates are 150% higher than those of declarative sentences. If the question sentence also contains keywords such as “you’re waiting for,” it can increase by 175%.

3. Focus on Benefits and Ignore Features

Many people like to describe the features of promotional products in Facebook titles but ignore what benefits the products can bring to the audience. The audience often only pays attention to the product’s function and effect, ignoring the product’s value. Look at it from the audience’s perspective and needs.

4. Avoid Imperative Sentences

Using verbs with strong tones can arouse others’ interest. Before deciding on the content of the title, sellers should first clarify what they want users to do. Imperative sentence titles directly tell the audience what to do, such as clicking, downloading immediately, participating in activities, watching movies, etc.

5. Be concise and to the point

The human brain is lazy, and the more familiar people are with the information, the easier it is for them to notice and recognize it. Because Facebook users rarely spend time thinking about what the seller wants to convey, what the seller’s product is, misleading and confusing Facebook ad headlines will reduce click-through rates. Therefore, the title must be concise, allowing people to understand the seller’s intended meaning at a glance.

2. Ad Materials

1. Budget

When it is discovered through backend data that the material content has a low click-through rate, high cost, and no conversion, the ad should be stopped in a timely manner, and this budget should be used on materials with good results.

2. Text

In text editing, it is necessary to ensure that the audience can have a sense of substitution and the best language information with provocative words.

3. Images

In the selection of materials, it is necessary to find attractive material content and try to be as close to the product content as possible. In the early stages of advertising, it is necessary to test different images for publication. After continuous testing, the best image should be selected for publication based on the data. Continuous updates are also needed later to avoid visual fatigue among the target audience.

4. Creativity

When designing an advertisement, it is necessary to expand creativity from multiple angles. Product-related and real content can be used as the core to highlight the key content that needs to be expressed as much as possible. However, because Facebook’s ad placement covers a lot, targeted design is needed when designing Facebook ads. When it is found that the material is not good enough, regular updates are needed, but remember not to update too frequently.

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The above is the content that the editor learned through relevant information. I hope these small tips on Facebook advertising titles and material optimization can help you.

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