Tutorial Writing an Amazon Listing Quickly with AI+Helium10

How to quickly write an Amazon listing with AI+Helium10 tutorial

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Our main process for using AI to edit listings is divided into two parts:

1. Selecting and refining keywords

2. Generating corresponding content (title, bullet points, and description)

In the part of selecting and refining keywords, we usually use Helium10’s Xray and Cerebro tools.

Now I will share with you how to edit a listing.

Part 1

Writing a Title

The keyword weight of the title is the most important, and the selection of words must include the most important keywords of the category and maintain appropriate differentiation (which is beneficial to stand out in the promotion of keywords during the initial launch of the product).

Regarding the composition of the copy in the title, I generally follow this formula:

Brand Name + Main Keyword + Up to Three High-Volume Secondary Keywords + Description of Additional Value Added to Customers + Explanation of Key Attributes of the Product, such as Style or Packaging Parameters and Colors. In addition, appropriately refer to the title copy structure of the top sellers under big keywords.

After confirming the composition of the title copy, we begin selecting keywords. First, enter the term “BBQ Gloves” in the Amazon product search box, click the Helium10 Xray plugin, select the top 10 ASINs with the highest search volume under big keywords, and then click “Run Cerebro” on the plugin.

After entering Cerebro, we can see the Top Keywords and Opportunity Keywords, which are two keyword filtering settings preset by Helium10. Through these two filters, we can find the most important keywords in the category and select keywords that maintain differentiation.

We can see that after clicking Top Keywords, the system has filtered out 59 keywords for us.

After clicking Opportunity Keywords, the system has filtered out 41 keywords for us.

Through the above two settings, we have completed the keyword research under the helium10 tool.

Now we can generate the copy of the title according to the formula of the title composition.

For example:

Brand name + main keyword + up to three high search volume secondary keywords + description of additional value added to customers + explanation of key attributes of the product such as style or packaging parameters and colors

Part 2

Writing Five Points

Before starting to edit the content of the five points, let’s first clarify their important notes:

1. Write important and unique product attributes in the first point, and the rest in decreasing order of importance

2. The keywords in the first 1000 bytes of each five-point can be indexed by Amazon, so the allocated byte count in each five-point should not exceed an average of 200

3. In order to convey the advantages of the product as soon as possible, the words or phrases representing the product attributes in the front end of each five-point can be marked in uppercase

4. You can add information about the convenience and practical problems that the product can solve for consumers after using it in the five points to clarify the product value for consumers

5. The five points should include information about the product’s size, color, shape, and other features

Next, we will use two tools to help us complete the copywriting part of the five points:

1. Xray’s review insights function

Research the product characteristics that consumers are most concerned about in the reviews, extract these characteristics into 5 points, and arrange them in the product listing

As shown in the figure below, after entering the review insights, select the corresponding time period, choose 5 stars, click apply filter, and then enter the Review Analysis function. You can see that consumers are most concerned about the heat-resistant product attribute.

Therefore, we will describe the heat-resistant attribute as the first feature in the five points.

Next, we will use AI tools to extend this feature.

In module 1, we select language, writing tone, copy purpose, and product name. In module 2, we enter the feature we want to describe, and supplement the information with our own product feature parameters and the selected version. Click “write more” to generate the corresponding results shown in module 3.

We can find suitable copy in it and add it to the listing.

Here, everyone should note that the more complete the product information added to the product feature, the higher the completeness of the AI-generated content.

After completing the remaining parts of the five points in the above method, we come to the product description section.

Part 3

Write product description

Perhaps you have also heard some people say that the product description is not important, and it is enough to bury the keywords in the five points. Here, we emphasize again that everyone must not ignore the role of copy on the product description page.

The product description page and the five points are completely different and have clear division of labor. The five points are only used to explain the characteristics and functions of the product, which is equivalent to summarizing the framework of the entire listing. Its role is to help buyers quickly understand your product. The product description is the last step before the buyer completes the purchase, promoting them to place an order.

In addition, the product description page also increases the field of arranging keywords. Some long-tail keywords that cannot be added in the title and five points can be easily placed in the product description.

Similarly, before starting to edit the description copy, we first clarify its important considerations:

1. Keep the product description readable while maintaining sentence fluency.

After completing the product description, you can put the relevant English sentences into Google Translate to translate them into Chinese and see if they are fluent. It is strongly recommended that everyone install the grammarly English grammar plug-in mentioned above, which can help avoid some basic grammar errors.

2. Focus on the value of the product and try to make the written sentences resonate emotionally with customers.

For example, if I am a seller of sports running wristbands, I can mention in the description that this wristband can scientifically monitor your heart rate while running, keep your heart rate in the most efficient fat-burning zone, make it easier and more relaxed for you to lose weight, help you achieve your weight loss goals, and make users more confident and healthy.

3. Ensure that the sentences are concise and the structure is clear.

Even if you are adding long-tail keywords, avoid using complex language to describe a simple function, and be sure to use HTML code for formatting to make the page clean and highlight the key points.

4. Pay attention to the formatting and keep the page tidy.

After clarifying the above points, we also use ryt.me to complete the description of the copywriting, which is basically the same as the five points, except that we choose Product Description for the purpose of the copywriting.

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