Amazon bank account verification, what should I do if I can’t find the verification entrance?

How to verify Amazon bank account if verification entrance cannot be found?

Just a few days after passing the verification, I had to do it again. I thought it would be easy to submit the required documents, but it didn’t go smoothly.

On June 1st, I received an email from Amazon asking to verify my bank account.

So I went to the Amazon seller backend to do the verification, but I couldn’t find the verification entry (as shown in the screenshot below). I thought maybe all the sellers were trying to do the verification at the same time and the system crashed, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. In the following days, I occasionally checked to see if the system had recovered by following the verification path, but when I entered the “Manage Deposit Method” page, there was an error message and no verification button.

On June 7th, the system was still not working and the deadline was approaching on June 8th. So I contacted Amazon account support team for help.

Under the guidance of the customer service, I tried several browsers and cleared the browser data, but the page still showed an error.

So I expressed my concerns to the customer service. I was worried that the payment would be interrupted or the account would be suspended. The customer service said that June 8th was only for sellers who had not submitted any verification materials, and my account had already been verified for “identity”, “phone number”, “office address”, and “tax ID”, and only lacked “bank account” verification. I don’t need to worry and can complete this verification by June 27th at the latest.

I sent the screenshot of the error message to the customer service, who forwarded it to the relevant team for a solution.

On June 8th, I received an email informing me that my payment would not be interrupted due to system issues, and I would be contacted next week on how to submit my bank account information. So I’ll do the verification next week.

Have any other sellers encountered similar situations? How did you solve them?

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