June Sales Alert! These Father’s Day products are more popular!

June Sales Alert Popular Father's Day products!

This year’s Father’s Day coincides with the “618” shopping festival, a major event for domestic e-commerce. Many domestic and foreign sellers are planning and preparing for Father’s Day in order to do targeted marketing.

“Father’s Day” is the only widely celebrated male holiday of the year, falling on the third Sunday in June. More than 50 countries and regions around the world celebrate Father’s Day on this day. Currently, topics related to “#fathersday” and “#fathersdaygiftideas” on TikTok have reached billions of views. Father’s Day is an important holiday and a good opportunity for cross-border sellers to carry out marketing leveraging the momentum!

Source: TikTok

According to data from the US National Retail Federation (NRF), global personal spending on Father’s Day gifts reached $171.19 in 2022, with consumer spending reaching $20 billion. About 76% of US adults celebrate Father’s Day in various ways. It is expected that Father’s Day spending will continue to grow or remain stable this year, making it one of the most popular holidays of the summer.

Data source: NRF

Market: Global

Hot keywords: fatherly love, family, gratitude, affection, tribute, nostalgia.

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NRF data shows that 44% of overseas consumers seek unique and customized products when choosing Father’s Day gifts to better express their love for their fathers.

Tengbang has compiled a list of the most popular Father’s Day gift categories for reference:

① Customized greeting cards

②Customized clothing with patterns

③Outdoor products for outings

④Customized gifts

⑤Men’s personal care products

⑥Other popular products include books, CDs, electronics, tools, and sports equipment.

Whether it’s customized greeting cards, clothing and accessories, personal care products, outdoor sports, or other categories, sellers can consider adding personalized Father’s Day-themed products to their product line to create differentiated/personalized marketing and enhance market competitiveness.

Father’s Day marketing tips

1. Optimize the store homepage.

Sellers can change their store’s homepage in advance, replace the Father’s Day-related text and pictures, create a warm atmosphere for Father’s Day, and allow consumers to perceive the holiday atmosphere in advance, preheating for Father’s Day marketing activities.

2. Set up limited-time promotions.

Limited-time promotions are common tactics used by sellers in holiday sales to stimulate consumers’ purchasing desires. Sellers can set up a countdown for promotions and use pop-up windows to prompt consumers with information about holiday discounts, free shipping, etc., creating a sense of urgency for promotions and prompting consumers to speed up their purchasing.

3. Launch gift box bundling marketing.

Bundling sales are a marketing strategy to increase the customer unit price on Father’s Day, and gift-boxed products are more suitable for gifting.

Many consumers want to buy gifts for their fathers, but because of their indecisiveness, they don’t know what to buy. Sellers can thoughtfully recommend products to consumers and include a gift box, embodying the ritual of Father’s Day and increasing the unit price of the product.

4. Father’s Day Advertising Placement

1) Incremental period

Facing such heartwarming holidays as Father’s Day, many consumers begin to choose gifts about 15 to 30 days before the holiday. Sellers can seize the opportunity to launch new products in advance.

2) Peak period

As Father’s Day approaches, especially in the 2-3 weeks before the holiday, consumer demand for gifts explodes. Advertisers should open up their budgets and go all out during this time.

3) Final period

As Father’s Day draws to a close, advertising placements should begin to prepare for the end of the sales period. For popular products with good performance, a second round of advertising can be launched.

As a globally recognized male holiday, many consumers will purchase products for themselves during the “Father’s Day Sale” under the discount atmosphere. At that time, sellers should prepare sales plans in advance and purchase new products to respond to the Father’s Day sales promotion. In the process of launching new products, be sure to pay attention to tax compliance to avoid external factors leading to the inability to sell products normally and missing the opportunity to sell products in large quantities.

TB Accountants (Tengbang Accounting Firm, UK), as a service provider for multiple platforms including Amazon, has been focusing on providing Chinese cross-border sellers with one-stop value-added tax integration services. They can also help solve various compliance requirements in Europe, such as VAT, EPR, and European agent.

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