Understand the labeling and tagging requirements for Amazon children’s products in one article

Learn Amazon's labeling and tagging rules for children's products in one article

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Children’s products are defined as consumer products primarily intended for, or designed for use by, children aged 12 and under. Children’s products are regulated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and must comply with a series of federal safety rules for children’s products. Manufacturers and importers of children’s products must provide consumers with registration cards and permanent identification labels (often referred to as “tracking labels”) on the product and its packaging to provide specific identification information.

Amazon’s Product Marking and Labeling Policy:

Amazon requires all children’s products to meet specific regulatory or standards requirements:

Required Information:

Amazon may request the following information from you at any time, so it is recommended that you have this information ready for submission:

The tracking label must meet the following requirements:

Permanently affixed to the product and its packaging; and

Provide specific identifying information

All tracking labels must include the following information:

Manufacturer, private label, or brand name

Date and place of production (city, state, province, or country/region)

Details about the manufacturing process (such as manufacturer or distributor codes, batch or lot numbers, and any other identifying characteristics)

Any other information used to describe the specific source of the product

Additional requirements for durable infant or toddler products:

For durable infant or toddler products, Amazon requires product images or test reports demonstrating compliance with the Consumer Registration Card requirements (16 CFR Part 1130). If Amazon requests a Consumer Registration Card for a durable infant or toddler product, the document or image you provide must include all of the following information.

Registration cards must meet the following requirements:

They must be affixed to the surface of each infant product so that buyers can notice and read the information after purchasing the product.

They must be at least the size of two standard postcards, with a perforation in the middle for tearing, so each part should be at least 3.5 inches high x 5 inches wide x 0.007 inches thick.

All registration cards must contain specific basic information, including:

The name of the manufacturer or private label; and

The company website and brand name; and

The manufacturer code, distributor code, or serial number

Date and place of production (city, state, province, or country/region)

Manufacturer contact information: Provide a US address and telephone number (if feasible, provide a toll-free telephone number)

Model name and number: Provide the model name and number associated with a specific product

Provide an option for consumers to register through the internet or email: Provide the registration page URL or the manufacturer’s email address

Postage paid: Provide a registration card with postage paid and display proof of postage paid in the upper right corner of the card.

Understanding Consumer Registration Cards for Durable Infant Products

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