【Amazon Daily Shop & 199】Magical Cup, Spitting Out 2 Million Every Month

Magical Cup generates 2 million monthly on Amazon Daily Shop & 199

Store Name: Essential products USA

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Category: Home and kitchen

Number of products in the store: 151

Feedback: 448 in the past 30 days, 15149 in total

Estimated daily orders: 3800

Monthly sales: USD 2.3 million

Monthly profit: CNY 2 million

Opening time: November 2016


Hello everyone, in this issue we will introduce a seller on Amazon’s US site in Pennsylvania. The brand name is JoyJolt, mainly selling glass cups and jars in the home category. The store has 151 products, with 448 feedback in the past 30 days and 15149 in total. The estimated daily order volume is 3800, with monthly sales of USD 2.3 million and monthly profit of CNY 2 million.

Glass products have a very high usage rate, except for the inconvenience in transportation. Glass cups are the safest among all materials, and the smooth surface of glass cups makes the product cleaner. Coupled with low cost and unique and beautiful styling, glass products have become the first choice for most people. Glass cups, glass bowls, glass vases, and other items are everywhere in our lives.

In this issue, we will introduce the glass containers and jars sold in the store. The product is priced at USD 17.99 and sells 2300 units per month. We can see that this product was launched on November 21, 2022, and achieved daily sales of nearly 80 units after more than three months of operation, which is very impressive.

The characteristics of this product are as follows. First, this glass container has multiple capacities, so you can choose the appropriate product according to your needs, which can meet the needs of different people. Second, each glass container is equipped with a suitable lid and a label, allowing customers to mark and distinguish them through the label on the bottle body. This seller has really thought of everything. Third, the use of lead-free glass raw materials makes this jar very safe to use, and it can not only be used for high-temperature sterilization but also can be cleaned in the dishwasher. For lazy foreigners, it is really both safe and convenient to use. Have you ever studied this type of product? Welcome to the comment section to discuss!

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