Meesho’s downloads have exceeded the 500 million mark, making it a powerful competitor to Amazon!

Meesho has over 500 million downloads, becoming a strong rival to Amazon

According to data from mobile data analysis provider (formerly known as App Annie), Indian e-commerce platform Meesho has become the fastest-growing shopping application in the world, with a cumulative download of over 500 million times on Google Play and the iOS App Store. The platform achieved this milestone in just six years.

The data shows that more than half of Meesho’s downloads came from 2022, as Indian consumers flocked to this SoftBank-backed e-commerce platform. Meesho has become one of the strong competitors of Flipkart, Amazon, and JioMart. said that Meesho’s Android application is only 13.6MB, making it the lightest application (with the least memory usage) in the Indian Google Play store. This makes it compatible with low-end smartphones, providing users with a convenient shopping experience even in areas with weak internet signal.

Lexi Sydow, Director of Insights at, emphasized: “In addition to rapid and sustained growth in downloads, Meesho’s user engagement and stickiness have also made significant progress. The platform retains users and encourages them to revisit the app by providing a convenient shopping experience.”

BusinessDialogue learned that Meesho’s application has high user engagement. In 2022, it was the shopping app with the most monthly active users (MAU) globally, with an average MAU increase of 97 million. The average session time of the app is 2 minutes and 27 seconds, ranking first among the top ten e-commerce platforms in India (calculated by monthly active users) last year.

Megha Agarwal, CXO of Meesho’s user growth department, said: “This milestone is a great validation of our customer-centric philosophy. With the growth of downloads, we can continuously discover and solve customer pain points to provide a perfect online shopping experience. At the same time, our daily low-price activities help us enter millions of households that use the internet for the first time.”

“India has 750-800 million people with smartphones and internet access, which provides a huge opportunity for Meesho to stand out in the next wave of e-commerce applications,” added Megha Agarwal.

It is worth noting that earlier this year, Meesho announced that its platform had 140 million annual transaction users. The company stated that it has 1.1 million sellers and over 100 million active product listings across 30 categories to meet the demand for various products from customers all over the country.

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