Free traffic new entrance! Two Amazon tools updated!

New free traffic entrance; two updated Amazon tools!

Last year, Amazon launched a new feature for its intelligent voice assistant Alexa called “Customers Ask Alexa” at the annual Amazon Accelerate seller conference. It has been lukewarm in terms of popularity. Recently, sellers have discovered that the feature has been adjusted.

By joining the “Customers Ask Alexa” program, sellers can answer consumer questions and choose to redirect to their own store homepage or to a search landing page for a specific product keyword within their own store after answering in step 2. This adjustment undoubtedly provides sellers with a brand-new traffic entry point.

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Sellers should note that they cannot answer questions with restricted content:

1. Offensive or pornographic content;

2. Violent content, such as propaganda that advocates or threatens physical harm or economic loss to oneself or others, including content related to terrorism or jokes about the above content;

3. Destructive content, such as content containing speeches that promote separation or biased information, or content promoted by organizations advocating based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender or gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, or holding such views.

Content that infringes on the rights and privacy of others:

1. Any content that infringes on the intellectual property or other rights of others;

2. Implying that one brand is better than another brand or defaming another brand;

3. Personal information, such as requesting or providing someone else’s phone number, email address, mailing address, or other personal information in response, including the contact information of the publisher themselves.

And promotional content, such as advertising or solicitation, as well as content that offers fraudulent goods, services, plans, or promotions, are also not allowed by Amazon.

Source: Amazon

However, currently this new feature is only being tested for some US sellers. If a seller is invited to join the program, consumers will see the seller’s response in a widget below the search bar, helping the seller highlight their brand and also allowing consumers to see a link to the seller’s store.

Sellers can provide shopping assistance to consumers by joining the program, thereby increasing brand exposure and awareness, and possibly increasing conversion rates and sales.

Custom Audiences in Customer Engagement

Meanwhile, “Tailored Audiences in Customer Engagement,” which was launched at the same time as “Buyer Inquiry Alexa,” has also been adjusted. With this tool, brand sellers will be able to personalize marketing activities and target customers based on product interests and brand loyalty, among other attributes.

With custom audiences, brand sellers can now attract consumers who have previously purchased products from the brand and contact selected consumers through free email marketing, informing them of new product information or promotions, and inciting consumers’ desire to make repeat purchases.

When sellers send free email marketing campaigns, custom audience permission is expanded to include repeat customers, high-spending customers, and customers who have recently made purchases on Amazon:

1. Repeat customers. Consumers who have ordered your brand’s products multiple times in the past 12 months;

2. High-spending customers. Brand consumers who have spent the highest amount in the past 25 months, accounting for 12%.

3. Recent customers. Consumers who have purchased goods from the seller’s brand in the most recent 20% of transactions.

However, this is currently in the data testing phase and is expected to be launched within the next six months.

Source: Amazon

It is currently unknown whether the “Custom Audience in Customer Interaction” launched by Amazon’s “Buyer inquiring Alexa” at the same time will help promote products for brand sellers. This is because American sellers attach great importance to privacy protection, and using invasive marketing methods such as Alexa and email may annoy and frighten consumers. Of course, some sellers believe it is better than nothing, and the specific effect can only be known after official use.

In addition, some sellers have expressed that Amazon’s current update of “Buyer inquiring Alexa” and the setting of the inquiry’s jump page imply that Amazon really wants to develop AI intelligence. It seems that AI will be a major trend for Amazon in the future.


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