Alibaba International Station Operations (38) The Importance of Optimizing Search Attributes for International Station

Optimizing search attributes is important for Alibaba's international station operations

Consistency is important. I didn’t stop updating because I’m lazy, but because I wasn’t feeling well in May. My family member got seriously ill and I had to leave. I’m trying to adjust myself as soon as possible. Life goes on, and I hope to continue to manually write and output more helpful content for everyone. Today, I’m going to explain the importance of the attribute column in optimizing operations.

The importance of operations is self-evident, and the work can be tedious. But at least it’s better than being a programmer. The main purpose of the work is to make the search engine’s crawler system better at crawling, identifying, and obtaining good rankings. The crawler system mainly crawls the title, keywords, and attribute column, and Alibaba International is no exception. Today, the main topic is the optimization of the attribute column, which is the easiest to overlook. The importance of the title and keywords is well known, but many sellers overlook the optimization of the attribute column. The content of the attribute column is an important factor that buyers prefer to match!

1. The importance of attribute optimization is determined by system dropdown search and fixed attribute search.

For example, when searching for “iphone 14 case,” the expanded words in the dropdown box are refined based on big data analysis of buyers’ preferred searches, representing the degree of buyers’ preferences. Moreover, most of the content in the dropdown box is matched based on attributes (different from the wireless terminal, where the expanded words are not attribute words but more widely used words in the product title).

Buyers select matching attributes from these attributes to see the seller’s store ranking content, which, of course, includes the ranking content of keywords that contain this attribute. If buyers have more needs, there is an attribute box on the left side of the natural ranking list! This attribute box is provided based on the importance of the attributes provided by the seller and the buyer’s preferences. If the seller’s attribute box is not based on market search preferences for the product, then the subsequent search ranking will be further down after the buyer clicks the corresponding attribute!

From this, you should be able to understand the importance of attribute optimization in buyer searches.

Secondly, be careful when customizing attributes for attribute optimization.

When publishing products, it is recommended to switch to English, which can more effectively avoid attribute duplication. Especially after Alibaba’s specification product was proposed, there will be many fixed attribute columns that require filling in, and they can still be filled in again in custom attributes. Previously, when communicating with operation, some people said that filling in this attribute multiple times would help with optimization. If it is a keyword, I do not deny it, but I cannot agree with attribute duplication.

Take the example above. The Model number appeared in the standardized attribute column. If a different Model number is added again in the custom attribute, they will be merged together and displayed as Model number on the page, which is a waste of a custom attribute search coverage.

It is important to fill in as many attribute values as possible in the custom attributes that conform to buyer search habits for product optimization content, because the system will provide a better ranking order based on the buyer’s search habits. For example, when searching for “iphone 14 case magsafe”, there is a drop-down box attribute called “Feature: Protector”. The products that appear after clicking the filter will all have the “Protector” attribute (previously, only products with the “Feature: Protector” attribute would appear). Now the search is more extensive, and the specific situation still depends on the competition and quantity of products. The more accurate the coverage, the easier it is to achieve a higher ranking.

If you still think that attribute optimization is not necessary and can be filled in according to the seller’s preference after reading this article, then there is nothing that can be done. Of course, if you feel refreshed at this time, start researching search habits, popular product attribute words, and increase the coverage of product attribute words to make the store better, then it means that the author of this article did not write it in vain. Of course, if you really feel that the workload is large or you do not know how to carry out specific operations, what should you do? Come find the author of this article! The author is doing this.

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