How to select products for Amazon newbies? What pitfalls should be avoided?

Product selection tips and pitfalls to avoid for Amazon newbies

As an Amazon novice operator, there are some factors to consider when choosing products:

1. Product demand: Choose products with high market demand. You can understand market demand by studying the sales situation of competitors.

2. Product price: Choose products with moderate prices. Low prices may lead to low profits, and high prices may lead to low sales volume.

3. Product quality: Choose products with good quality. Products with good quality can attract more customers and easily obtain a good reputation.

4. Product suppliers: Choose suppliers with good reputation and able to provide good services.

5. Product logistics: Choose products with convenient and fast transportation methods.

6. Product category: Choose categories that you are familiar with, which can help you better understand the market situation and competitors.

7. Product profit: Choose products with high profits. You can calculate profits by analyzing product costs and selling prices.

Product selection is a complex task that requires consideration of multiple factors. It is recommended that novice operators conduct more research and understand the market situation before making product selection decisions.

Here are some suggestions to help you avoid common pitfalls:

1. Follow Amazon’s policies and rules. Amazon has strict policies and rules to ensure product quality and safety in the market. Before starting operations, be sure to carefully read and comply with Amazon’s policies and rules.

2. Do not plagiarize other people’s product descriptions or images. Amazon strictly cracks down on plagiarism and will punish violators. Make sure your product descriptions and images are your own original content.

3. Pay attention to brand and intellectual property protection. If the products you sell on Amazon belong to a certain brand, be sure to obtain the permission of the brand owner first. In addition, also pay attention to intellectual property protection and do not use other people’s trademarks or patents.

4. Do not engage in fraudulent activities. Amazon strictly cracks down on fraudulent behavior, including fake reviews, false sales records, and fake promotions. Please avoid these actions to avoid damaging your reputation and affecting your account.

5. Pay attention to customer service. Amazon values customer service very much, so please respond to customer inquiries as soon as possible and solve their problems.

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