This concerns your ASIN! The Amazon Opportunity Detector has once again launched a magical feature for sellers in the US, Europe, and Japan!

Regarding your ASIN, Amazon has launched a new feature on the Opportunity Detector for sellers in the US, Europe, and Japan

Since July last year, Amazon has opened its official selection tool – Business Opportunity Detector to European and American sellers, which has received wide acclaim. However, Amazon has also noticed the voices of sellers:

The subdivision market of the Business Opportunity Detector can indeed help us understand the overall market demand situation. However, if we want to further land on some head ASIN indicators and learn more about the data of excellent ASINs in order to optimize our own products, then the help will be even greater!

Seller A

When will it be launched on the Japanese site? In the operation of the Business Opportunity Detector on the Amazon US site, it has provided me with comprehensive data assistance. The Japanese site also needs it!

Seller B

Before reviewing the Business Opportunity Detector and understanding the latest features, the editor would like to invite you to do a small self-test first, and see if you are also facing these dilemmas now!

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Using the selection tool well makes it easier to dig for gold in orders! The Business Opportunity Detector can help you solve problems and obtain superpowers in product selection in a data-based and visualized way, and explore the real needs of overseas consumers for new selections! This tool is completely free and open, providing multi-dimensional category data, and covering multiple usage scenarios.



Developing new selections

How to judge the friendliness for beginners and whether it is worth entering?

The Business Opportunity Detector can help sellers deeply explore the target subdivision market and comprehensively judge the friendliness for beginners.



Optimize existing product selection

Have you been struggling to find the reason for the decline in sales of your products?

The Opportunity Detector provides sellers with precise data support such as search terms, buyer review insights, and top product selection in segmented markets, allowing existing product selections to be further refined.



Want to learn about new opportunities on multiple sites?

Cross-site operations are already overwhelming. How can you easily seize global opportunities?

Sellers can use the Opportunity Detector to switch freely among Amazon’s US, Europe, and Japan sites, unlocking segmented market data on multiple sites.

“Detect ASIN” function is newly launched, what can it do? In short, in the Opportunity Detector, besides searching for keywords and going to segmented markets, seller friends can now directly search for ASIN numbers and conduct macro market research and in-depth data exploration! Let’s take a look at the two specific ways to use it!

Macro market research

Enter the Opportunity Detector > Search for ASIN number > Go to the Niche view page to see the specific situation of various segmented markets to which the ASIN belongs, and to get a macro understanding of segmented markets.

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From the Niche view, you can easily obtain various indicators such as search volume growth, sales, and prices of the ASIN in various segmented markets in the past year, half year, and three months, helping you better understand the search keywords and data performance of different segmented markets, and thus optimize your own product keywords and various indicators.

Deep ASIN Detection

Enter the Business Opportunity Detector > Search for ASIN Number > Switch to ASIN View page to view the target ASIN and multiple data indicators such as its category, release date, click count, average price, total number of reviews, and rating of similar ASINs.

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From the ASIN view, you can easily obtain various indicators of the target ASIN and similar ASINs, such as the click count, reviews, and sales ranking of this ASIN and related best-selling ASINs, by searching for the currently well-selling ASIN number.

👉 Further unlock more indicators of this ASIN

Click on this ASIN to enter the details page, where you can view more information on the product indicators and buyer review insights page to fully understand the target ASIN that interests you.

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Here, you can intuitively understand the highlights of the product that are more favored by consumers, such as in the buyer review insights, where you can see the important factors for positive and negative reviews of the product, thereby optimizing the existing product better.

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The newly upgraded Business Opportunity Detector is more powerful and easier to use! Follow the steps below to start your efficient and accurate product selection journey!

Step 1

You can click “Growth > Business Opportunity Detector” in the seller platform menu bar to start using this product selection tool.

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Step 2

After entering the Business Opportunity Detector, you can select the target site you want to go to through the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the page.

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Step 3

After confirming the target site, enter the keyword or ASIN number in the search box to start your journey of using the opportunity detector!

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Amazon’s official selection tool, the Opportunity Detector, will continue to empower sellers with accurate product selection! You can click on the following articles to learn more about the details of the Opportunity Detector!

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