Amazon is deleting and delaying orders, while UPS is strictly investigating fraudulent accounts! A large number of shipments will be delayed and logistics fees are about to increase!

Shipments delayed, logistics fees to increase as Amazon deletes and delays orders while UPS investigates fraudulent accounts

A large number of UPS and card delivery shipments will be delayed.

Currently, UPS is cracking down on illegal delivery accounts and card truck delivery warehouses have become a “headache” for logistics companies. Amazon’s appointment account is difficult to obtain, and delivery of goods from Amazon warehouses in the US West Coast has been repeatedly postponed, with a large number of UPS delivery delays resulting in most logistics companies canceling UPS express delivery and delayed delivery notices.

Due to the crackdown on illegal accounts, shipping costs in the United States will increase, and the price for legitimate UPS accounts is relatively expensive. Currently, many logistics companies in the market are struggling with the high cost of legitimate account printing, while using illegal accounts because they do not know if they are using an illegal account, and many accounts have been transferred 2-3 times. As a result, many UPS shipments to ports will be affected.

Currently, major Amazon warehouses are severely overloaded, with many cancellations and delays in deliveries.

ONT8 Expected delay of 2-3 days and postponed appointments
LAX9 Expected delay of more than 7 days, serious overload, cancellations and delays
LGB8 Postponed appointments
SMF3 Expected delay of more than 10 days, serious overload, cancellations, and delays / appointments have been scheduled until mid-June
SBD1 Appointments are not stable and are released in time periods, with few appointments
LAS1 Expected delay of 6-15 days, with fewer appointments released by Amazon / postponed appointments / later appointment times given
FTW1 Postponed appointments
IND9 Postponed appointments
MEM1 Expected delay of about 7 days
GYR3 Expected delay of more than 7 days, serious overload, cancellations and delays / temporary closure
SCK4 Expected delay of more than 10 days, postponed appointments / fewer appointments released by Amazon / unstable
GYR2 Expected delay of 6-10 days, postponed appointments / unstable

Make advance shipment plans and adjust them in a timely manner. Delivery may be affected to varying degrees, so everyone should arrange shipments reasonably.

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