New Blue Ocean! Small pet supplies are very popular!

Small pet supplies are popular in the new blue ocean

When it comes to pet supplies, most people think of those related to cats and dogs, whose consumption scale occupies a huge market. As more and more people pay attention to their spiritual needs and need pet companionship, showing off pets has become a trend. The pet market, which used to be dominated by cats and dogs, is no longer limited to them. Under the new consumer trend and the overall promotion of the pet industry, the small pet market has also begun to flourish.

The changes in the small pet industry are not only due to the increasing number of young people entering the consumption field, but also to the important influence of short videos and pet-raising culture. The popularity of “rat literature” and rat-raising bloggers has brought a wave of small pet market entry effects. Small pets satisfy the need for companionship for many people, and can also make their feeding more rational. Compared to cats and dogs, they may prefer the smaller size of small pets and do not require a large space for feeding. As pet owners become younger, these categories can find a market because they are more willing to pay for the experience and value recognition. For them, pets are like family and sometimes they spend more money on pets than on themselves.

There are also many types of small pets, not limited to birds, fish, insects, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, and so on, which many people love to raise. Moreover, compared to other pets, the small pet industry has higher added value. In addition to preparing a “small house” for them, pet owners also need decorations to create an artificial landscape for them. This not only allows their pets to live in a beautiful environment, but also provides psychological satisfaction for the pet owners. For example, in the case of hamsters, a series of products such as hamster nests, running wheels, bedding, baths, water dispensers, small beds, running and jumping platforms, litter boxes, and sand baths need to be purchased, and many pet owners also build different landscapes for them according to the season. Although the small pet market is niche, it has purchasing power.

Bukaxing, a leading brand in the small pet racing field established in 2019, has not only become one of the top five brands in sales on the Taobao platform, but also achieved some success in going global. Currently, the small pet category has a large market size, but the competition is not as fierce as in other categories and it has not yet been monopolized by big brands. The entire market is still in a blue ocean state, presenting a new opportunity for many businesses.

Pets have always been the most eye-catching content on social media. Observing the trends of various content platforms, there are also more and more small pet bloggers who are very popular. Small pets have enough market potential and the competition is not as fierce as in cat and dog products. If you want to stand out in this category, there is still huge room for growth in the small pet racing field!

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