How to start a business and make money through side jobs, for e-commerce, you must choose a big platform – Amazon!

Start a business and make money with side jobs by choosing a big e-commerce platform like Amazon

1. The top 10 e-commerce platforms in the world are dominated by Amazon in the US, Japan, Germany, and the UK. The US site ranks first globally, with high traffic and low bounce rates. Sales in the US market can basically cover all countries in North America, and through the German and UK markets, you can sell your products to any country in Europe.

2. From 11th to 25th place, Amazon’s four emerging and potential markets are India, Italy, Brazil, and Canada, with a large population base and huge potential for future growth.

3. When it comes to trading stocks, we often choose leading stocks. For cross-border e-commerce, we believe that we should choose more reliable and stable platforms to start our business and make money.

4. Regarding the issues that many students have recently asked about, such as Amazon store audits, performance, and listing policy violations, remember one thing: it is generally easy to appeal if you open a store using your own, your family’s, or a reliable friend’s business license, real credit card, and real identity information. Most of the business licenses and ID photos for the purchased stores are photoshopped by service providers. Such stores are definitely impossible to appeal if they are closed. In addition, if your North American site violates the rules, your European site will definitely also be closed as a whole. Store security has always been emphasized by Big Golden Chain. If your store is not shut down, Amazon is 100% a money-making project. However, if you can’t even keep your store, your confidence in starting a business and making money will be greatly reduced. (Note: those who say that Amazon is not easy to do mainly have not found the right method to do it. The passion for entrepreneurship has been worn away, just like many people now say that Taobao and Douyin are not easy to do, but many companies are secretly making a fortune!)

5. New policy for Amazon Europe:

Amazon Payments – Change to “I want to open a store” user agreement

Starting from July 14, 2023, we will update the “Amazon Payments – ‘I want to open a store’ user agreement” to further clarify how we pay you for your available funds.

We will update section 2.6 (“Reserves”) of the “Amazon Payments – ‘I want to open a store’ user agreement” to further clarify our reserve policy.

If you continue to use our selling services after July 14, 2023, it means you accept these changes.

6. Now, starting a street stall only requires a minimum investment of 50,000 yuan. That’s not a joke. A gold chain can ask people around you, for example, if you sell food (street food is actually more popular), you have to consider store or stall rental fees, material costs, production, and losses. You might even spend a few thousand yuan to buy a recipe. If you don’t rent a store or stall, you can wander around and set up a stall. However, this makes it very easy for urban management to drive you away and even confiscate your car and products. If you cannot turn your street stall into an online celebrity store or do live streaming sales, you can only do business with customers within a 5-kilometer radius. The human traffic is extremely limited, and you must stay in one place and cannot move. In contrast, with e-commerce, you can sell your products anywhere in the world. For example, you can use a supplier to drop ship one item or use Amazon FBA logistics to help you ship products.

7. Two news items about Amazon:

US retailers are facing a “wave of store closures”, and nearly 50,000 retail stores may close in the next five years in the United States.

According to reports, the wave of store closures by retailers in the United States will continue this year. According to a report by UBS, the United States will close 40,000 to 50,000 retail stores in the next five years. Some government officials, including the mayor of New York City, pointed out that the surge in retail theft is the main reason for the closure of many businesses. At the same time, under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become popular in the United States. This has dealt a blow to many shopping centers in city centers. Currently, the average annual consumption of ordinary office workers in city centers has decreased by $2,000 to $4,600 compared to before the pandemic. – Physical stores worldwide are struggling!

Amazon is preparing to add ChatGPT-like product search for e-commerce.

According to reports, Amazon will add product search similar to ChatGPT for e-commerce. Recently, Amazon announced new job postings, including one for a senior software development engineer. Amazon wants to reshape search with a conversational experience, answer user questions through chatbot features, help users compare products, and provide personalized recommendations. Another job posting says that Amazon wants to re-architect and reinvent its search engine, prioritizing AI and introducing a large number of next-generation deep learning technologies.

8. What is the core issue? Amazon sellers who have done or are doing business on Amazon should be very clear that Amazon is already preparing to gradually optimize and improve its services for more sellers. As an entrepreneur, are you ready to take on this challenge?

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